Evan Barton '20

Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

Major: Native American Studies

Minor: French and Sociology

In the Spotlight

Graduating Senior

Evan Barton Student Spotlight
Evan Barton is an Indigenous Student Peer Advisor for the NAP and has served in many leadership roles at Dartmouth.

Hey everyone! My name is Evan Barton, and I am Cherokee and Choctaw from Oklahoma. Being from Oklahoma has not always given me a sense of pride, but throughout college, I learned how much I appreciate and love the place I call home. Luckily enough, I found a community at Dartmouth that I also learned to appreciate over time. I entered Dartmouth with the intention to major in Native American Studies while pursuing a pre-med track, and I am happy to report I stuck to at least one of those goals! In all seriousness, my goal in life has never changed despite my path winding a little. I want to have a big impact in whatever community I choose to serve whether it be my own back in Oklahoma or somewhere I find along the way. I am extremely passionate about Education and Community Improvement, and I hope that my future holds a career that involves these passions. Throughout my time at Dartmouth, I have served on the NAD Executive Board during my freshman and sophomore year, co-chaired the Powwow Committee in 2018, and served as an Indigenous Student Peer Advisor my senior year. Being an ISPA has fulfilled me in so many ways, and I am so honored to have served the Indigenous Community, and specifically, the class of 2023. I really hope that I imparted some wisdom and knowledge to my peers. I hope others feel inspired to be mentors and to seek mentorship in the future because it has been such a rewarding experience to me. 

If you have spoken to me during this remote term, you may know that I could not be more upset about the circumstances we find ourselves in now that we are not on campus. Dartmouth as a place does not necessarily give me life, but the people I met there definitely do. I miss you all deeply and genuinely. I think this time at home has shown me how important expressing gratitude for others is to me. I am so grateful for the time I spent serving and being a part of this community, and I can't express that enough. Please do not be a stranger! I hope to stay connected with you all in some way, shape or form. Thanks for everything.