Congratulations Ty Fierce Metteba!

Major in Mathematics 
Minor in Environmental Studies

From Saba Maheen

Grateful to know someone as beautiful inside and out as you. Having as many photoshoots I've had with you, my favorite thing about you is something I cannot capture on camera, as hard as I may try. Cannot find the words to describe someone as dope as you, Ty. I want to keep you close for the rest of my life! Love you so so much, and I'm so proud of you. You're gonna change the world!

From Steven Abbott

TY!!!!!!!!!  Well.  Wow.  I am sitting here trying to think how many years it has actually been since that day in Window Rock.  Through it all - College Horizons to Fly-In to Pre-O to all of the last four years.  You are an amazing & powerful person, Ty Fierce.  It has really been an Honor working with you over the years & seeing all you've done & the very important voice & example that you have always offered to others.  I hope you will keep in touch.  I know there are many more continued great things in store for you.  Congratulations, thank you & be well.  

- Steven

From Madelyne Mayer

You are amazing and have an even more amazing mind and soul!

From Augusta Terkildsen

Dear Ty, 

Congratulations! I fondly remember the talks we would have, walking and snackin, and the stories of your homeland that you would share with me the always rushing to our next thing because it was hard to say "see ya." Thank you for creating art and being art. I am very proud to see you make it through Darty!  

With love, Gusti Wynds

From Maleah Wenzel

You and I have been through a lot together. I'm so happy that I met you right at the beginning of my Dartmouth career. You really helped me to become the woman I am today. Without you there, I don't think I would have had the confidence and self-love to change from my former small-town conservative village self. I know you're going to go far, and I know that you're going to have your own personal path to get there. Someday you will be a satisfied old man living off the land. Whatever happens between now and then will be extra excitement.


From Povi Romero

TO MY NUMBER ONE NAVAJO BOY, WE DID IT!!!!!!! Ty Fierce I love you immensely and thank you for your continued friendship. You are my sweet gentle sky Robot longing for Laupita and I'm so blessed you shared your sacred greenhouse with me. I loved all my nights with Thai food and Ty, next round at Tuk Tuk someday is on me. To the laughs, the late nights, the photoshoots in the freezing snow, the VAC, the healing smoke, the tender moments between us.....forever my muse. xoxo Povi