Congratulations Keoni Ocalvey!

Major in Engineering Sciences
Minor in Geography

From Ocalvey Family

We congratulate Keoni for his outstanding academic achievements. We are proud of his hard work and diligence to master knowledge required for his future profession. We are especially proud of the compassionate, caring and well rounded individual he has become and know that he has a wonderful future ahead of him. We love you and congratulate you on your graduation. Love from the entire Ocalvey family!

From Kourtney Kawano

Hoʻomaikaʻi! Congratulations on your graduation Keoni!

From Steven Abbott

Aloha e Keoni - CONGRATULATIONS to you here at Graduation.  Seems at once longer & shorter than 4 years in meeting you & your family there in Honolulu.  I know this is not the graduation that anyone would have predicted or chosen 4 months ago, let alone 4 years ago, but never let it diminish all that you have done & all you will be going on to do.  I'm sure we'll continue to see you around in the days to come, but congratulations to you on finishing this stage.  Be well.