Congratulations Camryn Towle!

Major in History
Minor in Markets, Management, and the Economy

From Alayah Johnson-Jennings

My first memory of you is looking at T'ea Drift's Facebook post to see you in regalia at Marshall. This was my first year and I was so excited to discover the grade above me had Native girls. Every time I think of you at Marshall, I think of the time you ran up and hugged and kissed me because I said I was going to do (more like attempt) winter dance. That excitement and pure joy is how I remember all of our memories together. From that school we used to attend together to Dartmouth I have so many memories of you just being you and living in the moment. I was proud of you back in Duluth and now, today, I am still so proud of you! Also sometimes I think about how you are the girl who did what they said couldn't be done… Dance hiphop. You amaze me with all your accomplishments and I know you will continue to amaze me. Even during COVID and now living in different places, you amazed me with your intellect over a Zoom Q&A. I am so grateful I got to meet you all those 8 or 9 years ago!  


From Mallory Towle

Giizhawenimin my sister. Be proud. Have courage. Lead from your heart. Never forget how I'm always behind you. You are everything...



From Steven Abbott

A very sincere congratulations to you! I know it's not the graduation anyone would have expected 4 years ago, or even 4 months ago, but I hope you will find good ways to celebrate with friends and family. Thanks for all you've done and contributed over the years! Congratulations and stay well.  

- Steven

From Mel Towle

Congratulations Camryn!  I am so proud of you, what a tremendous and wonderful accomplishment!

Love you!