Congratulations Raena Roman!

Major in English

From Christopher Cornelius

Congratulations on your achievement!!! Me and your aunt Julie are very proud and happy for you. All of your hard work & dedication actually inspires all of us who love you to work harder at our own endeavors. You truly are a inspiration to us all.

From Cameron Roman

To my LOUD sister—

I'm sure that anyone in our family can testify that you've always been the loudest sibling. I can still remember you standing on a stage in 1st grade singing along to an Elvis song for the whole school. I remember late nights in the car with the music blasting and you drowning out your man Anthony Kiedis. And who in our family is ever going to let you forget your star turn as Sandy in Grease? You were lucky to be born with a voice. And one of the best parts of watching you grow up has been watching you learn how to channel that voice into speaking out and speaking up for what is right. I'm honored to have been able to read your work over the last five years and see how you've channeled your energy into healing our people's deep-rooted traumas. Looking back over some of that work, one quote in particular stuck out to me as I was thinking about this letter: "Each gun shot, fist raised, and paper signed denying Native women rights becomes visible when a Native woman speaks". Please don't ever forget these words. Because while you may be the loudest sibling, you're also the bravest. You don't need me to tell you how difficult the road to this point has been, but I want you to know that you continuing to speak up and use your voice inspires me and so many others to do the same. Congratulations on this degree, you've earned it a thousand times over. Hurry home so we can celebrate right—Dad's got a pork shoulder ready to go.

With love,


From Jose

Congratulations my Little Bear,

I am so proud of you on completing this huge accomplishment. It seems crazy but we're a Dartmouth couple now; I never imagined it and I know you didn't either. I have nothing but the most respect for you after completing six consecutive terms. I know the courses weren't the easiest but you persisted. It was always amazing to see your hard work payed off at the end of every term. You played a huge role in my return and graduation from Dartmouth, and I'm just so happy to be there for you. I know the pain and anxiety this institution can conjure but hold your head high because you've overcome it all. I love that I am able to say: I met my wife at Dartmouth, that we took classes together and we both finished what we set out to accomplish as young native scholars. I can't wait to continue to support you on your journey after school, just like you have supported me. I look forward to reading your future poems and the children's book you hope to write. You will be a great inspiration to the next generation of indigenous poets and authors as you are already an award winning poet and an inspiration to me. When I read your works, I cry because they are beautiful and I can't wait for other native children to read them. This graduation marks the ends a chapter in our lives, and I can't wait to keep writing the rest of our story. I love you with all my heart ( a lot ∞).

-Love, your Big Bear.

From Jason St Martin

Congratulations Raena!  Watching you grow over the past 12 years into the beautiful, strong, Native woman you have become makes me and the ICS staff so proud.  The world is your canvas and I cannot wait to see the picture you paint.

From Steven Abbott

Dear Raena - Wow, here we are!  I know it's been a long & often very challenging road here.  But I so appreciate what you've given & all the good things I know you will carry with you on to your next steps.  Wishing you both many Blessings & a safe journey.  -steven

From Linda Jahns

For the most beautiful young lady that I have known since the day you were born. We are so very proud of you. You have entered the world that's not always the way we want it to be. But as that amazing woman which you have become you are going to excell with every choice you make moving forward just as you have done in the past. Your dedication, compassion, hard work and challenges have made you the strongest person that I know. Never look back because now the future is in your hands. We are so proud of you Ms Raena Rose and I can't wait to see you. All my love. Don't forget where you are and what you have done and what your going to become. Follow your heart.

From Kim Nernberger

Congrats Raena!!
Now go make the world a better place!! 
We need you!! 
Hugs! Ms. N

From Craig Bonin (WPYB Baseball)

Yoyane!  Congratulations!

I know that I have never had a chance to be your teacher, but you are truly an inspiration and role model within our Native American community.  This is such an amazing accomplishment and something to be celebrated.  It has been an honor to work with you at Tuckaway and see you continue to work with our youth at ICS.  

Best of luck to you upon your graduation and continual pursuit of chasing your dreams.


Mr. Bonin & Family

From Randy Cornelius

Wá:kelhe? wa?tkunuhwela:tú: tsi?                 wa?tehsu:kóhte? thuwatihuny^nitha?kó:.  Yoyánele? sukwe?ti:yó yakukwehu:wé.  I would like to send my congratulations to you for graduating college. Good job to a beautiful Indigenous human being.

From Jaclyn Feavel

Congrats Raena! Good job on all your hard work! So proud of you!
With love,
Jackie Feavel

From Mark Powless

Shekoli & watkwanuhelatu! Hello and a profound and heartfelt greeting on behalf of all of us to you!  Congratulations on your graduation.  We're all proud of you :)  Yaw^ko for reminding me that we crossed paths some years ago when I was fortunate enough to be able to speak at SEOTS.  That inspires me to work on being better every day.
I-kelhe aesawenisliyohak!  I hope you have a great day!

From Randy Roman

From Randy. Amanda, Natalee and Elia... we are right proud to have you as niece and cousin.  You're an inspiration. 
With Love,  
The Romans

From Bonnie Zienkiewicz

Congratulations Raena on your graduation from Dartmouth! What an amazing accomplishment! I know you will go on to do amazing things. 
Miss Z

From Shanda Cherney

Congratulations Raena! 

I think back to all the times your mom would be so happy that you were coming home for a visit. Then all the times she was sad that you had to return to school being so far away. She is so very proud of you - as are all of us who have had the pleasure to know you. Your smile emanates kindness from your very being. 

You are a strong, loving, kind, brave, honest, generous person who will do great things for the world now and for future generations.  It is your time to be who you are, hold steadfast to your beliefs, and shine!

Love and best wishes for your future,

From Bernice Vega

Hi Raena, I couldn't be more proud of you.  You have overcome some obstacles to get to this day and have honored your family and yourself by your perseverance and spirit.  Your accomplishments can never be taken from are amazing!  With love and hugs forever, Grandma

From JoAnn Ash

Raena, your ICS family is so proud of you! You worked your butt off and persevered! You are a shining star! We love you so much!!!
Love, Mrs. Ash

From Shelly Cornelius Roman

To Our Raena Rose…

You are loved
You are On^yote aka
You are a Bear Clan woman
You are Puerto Rican
You are Italian, German, Irish and Scottish
You are cherished
You are a daughter
You are a sister
You are a grand-daughter
You are an auntie
You are a niece
You are a cousin
You are a lover
You are a friend
You are creative
You are a learner
You are kind
You are a beader
You are a writer
You are tenacious
You are a baker
You are a dreamer
You are loud
You are a poet
You are giving
You are intelligent
You are beautiful
You are spunky
You are a teacher
You are giggly
You are artistic
You are a fisherwoman
You are the only Raena we will ever have and we are blessed because of you.

May Creator bless you on your undergraduate commencement day and all your days to come. We wish so much for you – health, happiness, security, adventure, and most of all love. 
Remember who you are and what you represent - yourself, your family, your tribe and your community. 
We could not be more proud of the incredible amount of work, energy and dedication you have put in to finish the way you wanted to at Dartmouth College. Sunday, June 14th, 2020 is one day, the best is yet to come and we can't wait to be with you to celebrate your achievement.

Kunolukhwa Khey^ha
Mom and Dad

From Jason Dropik


Congratulations on your accomplishments, that is amazing. We are so thankful for all that you do to continue to support ICS and continue to stay connected and supportive. Wishing you success and know that you are always an Eagle and we appreciate all your visits.

From Wanda Littlebear

Congratulations granddaughter! Raena I am so proud of you. Education is so important in life. You chose a good profession n you will be great. Love you much!

From Joletta John-Carney

During a time of great  heartbreak and uneasiness, we are extremely  proud and  honored  to know you. The time you spent at Dartmouth was well spent and we are glad that it brought you into our lives. We can't  wait to see what your future  unveils. To Raena and her fellow Native American  graduates,  we congratulate you and wish everyone  well on your  next journey.
With Love, Your Florida Family.

From Teresa Alvarado-Patlán

It has been truly an honor and a blessing to have grown with you. I am so proud and excited to celebrate one of the strongest and most caring friends in my life. Raena, you are light and warmth and I cannot wait to see the wonderful things you accomplish. This is just the beginning! 

your tripee Teresa


From Haden Littlebear

Raena, I'm so happy and proud that you're graduating college. I know we wasn't acquainted until you had already gotten halfway thru and met JJ but that doesn't take away from all the hard work you put in beforehand and it definitely showed after I got to know you. You are the type of person that once you have a goal, you try you hardest to accomplish that goal and it really shows thru your character and actions. you're a nice person with a good head on your shoulders and you're bound to go far in life, so congratulations on getting thru college, much love from your florida family.

From Harrenson Gorman

Congratulations for making through! Keep on keepin' on for all the relatives! Stay golden. 

-Harrenson G

From Risa and Family

We are so proud of you!

Lots of love,
Risa and family

From Jennifer Pfeifer

Congratulations young lady! So proud of you! ... well I always have been, you do things with confidence and pride! You are a wonderful role-model for our students! Keep soaring high and always remember you are loved by many and... Drawings from above!!  :0)

From Povi Romero

Congrats Raena Rose Roman!!! You continually rock my socks with your strength. Blessed to call you family through Tabard and I will always cherish those times when you lived in the Closet in the house wreaking havoc with Leah and Dani! You're small but filled with fire and passion. Such a cute package for such a strong being. I'll be dreaming of your fry bread until I see you again!!! xoxo Povi

From Augusta Tristan Terkildsen

Dear Raena, 
Congratulations on your graduation! Thank you for all of the laughter, eating seeds with me, and for always having those heart to hearts. You are so strong and don't take no sass from anybody which is so admirable. I cannot wait to watch you continue to grow and to read your wonderful poems. From the bottom of my heart, congratulations!

Gusti Wynds

From Joann Wollinger

congrats to my sweet granddaughter! We are so proud of you. We know you will succeed at what ever you do in life
 Love you!

From Saba

I love you so so so much. So proud of you. I always bring up when I first met you- in that yellow hoodie and just so gorg and cool, walking into Ryan's room! I knew I wanted to be your friend. And I couldn't be luckier that you're like my sister now. Here's to more chill sessions and many more woods! Cheers to you, mamaasss <3

From Daniela Pelaez

Dear Raena,

Your big day is here after years of hard work and determination!!! I'm so lucky I met you at Tabard and got to see you grow stronger as a young woman. I'm so proud and a big congratulations, you did it! Here is to many more amazing things to come. 

With love,

From Darlene St. Clair

Hey Raena,

You probably don't remember me but I worked at ICS when you were little and worked closely with your mom. I have followed your adventures on FB and want to let you know how proud I am of your hard work and accomplishments. You have so much to offer the world and our people. 

Taƞyaƞ ecamuƞ (you've done well)!


From Dawn Witkowski


Mike and I are so very proud of you and all of your accomplishments.  We are so grateful that we are family and able to brag about you to anyone who will listen.   We remember when you were little and would come and visit, you were such a little firecracker.  Mike says you are now a full blown Roman candle!!!  You are such a beautiful person inside and out.   We pray that you will enjoy the beauty of a life of total happiness and peace.  WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!  

Dawn and Mike oxoxoxoxox

From Michelle Nohr


From Amy Zembroski

Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment. I has been wonderful to see you grow into the strong and courageous woman that you are. I look forward to seeing your bright starlight continue to shine for everyone to see!
Ms. Zembroski

From Chanel Benson

Congratulations on your graduation, Raena!! We're so happy that you've achieved this great milestone. Wishing you great success with your dreams & career. 

With love,

Chanel & David

From Adam Albers

Congratulations Raena!!!  I wish you the very best of luck in your future endeavors. You're going to accomplish great things!

From Chrissy Gavin

Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment! 
Chrissy & Jamie Gavin

From Lorne Draskovic

Hey Raena, Congrats. It is a lot of hard work and you have completed your BA. I am very proud of your accomplishment. Dartmouth was created for us, so happy you were there to represent. Can't wait to see what you do next. Happy days aren't easy to find lately, hearing this news made this day a good one. Smiles.

From Dianne Huff

Congratulations Raena! II am so proud of you! So sorry you're not able to have the graduation ceremony you deserve because of COVID-19. I look forward to hearing about all the wonderful things that you are going to do in life. Stay strong, stay safe and I wish you the very best in your future endeavors!  Love ya!

From Audra

YOU DID IT!!! You are such an amazing, elegant, resilient young Oneida woman. We are all so proud of you and admire the educational journey you have been on, you are always there when we need you and I hope you know that's a two way street we are here if you need us! Love Audra and the tribe!

From Jo Lewis

Congratulations Raena!  Your future awaits you, and I look forward to learning about all the places you will will go!  Blessings, love and prayers are with you always... 
Jo Lewis
Principal/Administrator Retired
Indian Community School
Franklin, Wisconsin

From Jacob Jones

Congratulations on your graduation.  Time flies, it seems that not too long ago you were a 4th grader in my class.  I wish you the best in all your future endeavors.  I sure that whatever path you choose you will be a success.  Make sure to stop in and say hello next time you are home.  

Best Regards,
Jacob Jones

From Tim Schultz

Congratulations Raena! Everyone back in Wisconsin is so proud of your perseverance and all that you have accomplished…now go change the world!

From Barbara Hanson

Pop-O-Magic Trouble Girl,
Sometimes there is magic- in my heart those few games we played will rest. In my heart my love and respect for you pops. Your drive, your love, your foundation will bring you lots of sixes and enough bonks to keep it humble. Love XOXO Barbara Hanson

From Karen Weishan

Congratulations. You are truly AMAZING!! You have a heart of gold. May you continue to soar. Sending tons of hugs.
Love You!!
Mrs. Weishan

From Natalia Woehl

congrats on your big accomplishment! We are very proud of you - You are a strong, bright young lady with many great things to come!


From Edna Cornelius-Grosskopf

You are an amazing young woman with so many gifts and talents to share with the world! I pray  you know how very special you are and that you continue to learn and share for the rest of your life. Congratulations! Be blessed and be a blessing!  Auntie Edna

From Casey Gott

Raena! I'm so proud of you! This is an inspiring accomplishment and I am in awe of you. You are an amazing young woman who will do so much good in the world. All my love, Casey

From Andraea Gaffney

Congratulations! Its been a long hard road but you made it! That just shows your strength! As an Oneida woman that strength has been passed down to you! And I'm super proud of you!❤

From Darshina Yazzie

Congratulations Raena! I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. You are a very good friend to me and I cherish the moments we had at Dartmouth. I wish you the very best as you start a new chapter in your life. Again, congratulations Raena. Keep making our Ancestors proud.

From Ron Roman

Congratulations we are all so proud of you.  love your dad

From Fatima Gomez


Congratulations, girl! You've done it! You've now graduated, weathered some wild storms, met some amazing people.

Having come from our families and having gone to the same high school, we both had things to learn that no college curriculum would teach us, that many of our peers would not have to learn. But you have found a way to learn those things on your terms. I admire your strength and resilience in doing so.

I hope that today, you leave Dartmouth with a sense of who your people are and what your place among them might be. Everything you've been through at Dartmouth, good and bad, typically college and strictly unique to your experience, will inform the life you create for yourself. I have confidence that you will live a life worthy of your name, and I hope to be able to see so for myself.

Paz y dignidad,

From Maximillian Saint-Preux

2017, I first met Raena in the billiardless pool room of the ΣΕΧ fraternity, lovingly sobriquetted "The Tabard." You worry, passing on a house, a community your survival once hinged on; you worry you're not enough to impart the importance of it; you worry your successors will forget why it was so dire to come together and stay together and care for each other in the first. I worried for no reason, for our little blu3 death quickly made the house more special than I already held it. Raena isn't a ray of sunshine. She is the Earth's warm grace, a magnetic force of nature carrying us all in her careful embrace. It is impossible to know her and feel no love. Raena will pull the heart of you from whatever sawtooth, guarded hole you thought it was lost in. She made The Tabard more than a home; made it a family. I am humbled & honored to call her my lil' sis, and I know she will humble & honor all of you. I can't wait to see her pull the entropy from this slow world.

Best of Luck,

The Sinner