Congratulations Madilyn Short!

Major in Neuroscience

From Mildred Short

Congratulations and many Blessings to our Granddaughter Madilyn on your college graduation and to your continuing Education. You are so very loved and we are very proud of you. Love and Hugs from Gram and Gramps (Hugh and Mildred Short).

From Ana Hoffman

MADILYN - Kitaki! Nutan Atam! Woohoo! Dartmouth Grad!
You have made your family and community proud!  Wherever you go, whatever you do, be sure to come back home to Bethel and share your knowledge and lead us toward better health.  You are full of beauty, humility, wisdom and strength.  Kenkamken! Ana, Stosh and your cousins

From Steven Abbott

Dear Madi - so hard to believe the 4 years have gone by this quickly!  Congratulations to you for graduating, for all the incredibly hard work I know it took to get you here & for everything that you have done & given back.  It has been wonderful getting to know you over these few years & your presence here has been a Blessing to this community.  Thank you for all you've done, please keep in touch & let me know any time in the future that I can be helpful.  Be well.  -steven

From Grampa Lyman & Gramma Lit

Grampa Lyman & Gramma Lit are very proud of you. You've always been very attentive to what you've set your mind to accomplish. We're very proud of what you have accomplished and what your future plans are. We wish you the best of luck & love for your final goal. 
All our love, Grampa Lyman & Gramma Lit

From Buddy & Susan

Congratulations Madilyn! 

Your life is your story and the adventure ahead of you is the journey to fulfill your own purpose and potential. 
-Kerry Washington 

Best wishes on your next chapter. 

Buddy, Susan, Kendal, Briella & Emilyn

From Charles Herron

Congratulations Madilyn! All your hard work and dedication to school has paid off. Your success sets an example to your younger siblings and cousins, where you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it. Keep up the hard work and keep pursuing your dreams!!

Charles, Maribeth, Honey Kay, Charles Adler Jr. & Kai McConnel Herron

From Shelby Snyder

Madi Short,

I am so glad we became friends during my sophomore year! It has been inspiring and motivating to see another Indigenous women pursing a health career. You are incredibly driven and kindhearted. I will always be here as a support for you and I know you will accomplish your goals. My family and I are proud of you and wish you the best in your future endeavors! Congratulations! 

Much love, 
The Snyder Fam

From Trina Short

Dear Madilyn,

We want you to know that we are beyond proud of your accomplishment as a graduate to the Class of 2020.  We never doubted that you would succeed; but your commitment and passion is exemplified by this milestone.  

It wasn't easy at first, then you adjusted, applied your intense focus and intelligence, and prevailed.  You are going to do well and continue to succeed with your mind and heart.  We are excited to watch you grow as an Alaskan Native woman and help your people along the way. You seriously amaze us,

With ALL our LOVE your family,

Hugh, Trina, Karis, and Elizabeth

From Steven Bush

Congratulations Madeline. Super proud of your accomplishment. See you in two weeks!!!!

Dr. Short has a nice ring to it!

The Bush Family

From Vel Miller

Congratulations to our Goddaughter, Madilyn Rose. We are so proud of you and your success! May this time be a time of many blessings, being with your family and extended family to celebrate, and stepping stones that will pave  the journey to an amazing future! Love you so much, Godmother/Auntie Vel & Uncle Lance