Congratulations Tristen Eddie!

Major in Native American Studies
Minor in Religion

From Alayah Johnson-Jennings

Congratulations! I love you so much and am so proud of all that you have accomplished. I thank you so much for being one of my closest friends throughout my time at Dartmouth. I am so blessed and happy that I met you my freshman winter. You have been there for me so many times during my Dartmouth experience whether it's a 2 hour long FaceTime, a trip down to your dorm, a laugh, a cuddle, a hug, and probably a lot more… I'm going to miss your presence on campus sooooooo much. And probably continue walking by the Collis patio and thinking about all the time Tim, me, and you were sitting there eating Domino's at 11pm… Instead of finishing our podcast for Encountering Forests. Compared to the hours we spent "working" on the project, the amount of time spent on work is  an embarrassment. Though, we did make good memories and had lots of laughs. There are so many stories I can think of with you, but they all end in good memories and lots of laughs! So I hope you're Dartmouth experience is ending that way too (: 

From Selena Neptune-Bear

Tristen! I am so thankful Santa Fe brought us together and we were able to stay that way ever since. Your ability to light up a room is truly unmatched and I will miss your bright smile and goofiness more than I can say. I wish you the best on your next journey, you're going to kill medical school! I will be rooting for you always!! Koselemol 

From Steven Abbott

Not the graduation celebration anyone would have predicted for you, but it should never dim all that you've accomplished.  Congratulations to you & all the best of luck!

- Steven

From Julie Lim

To my forever queen Tristen,

CONGRAAATS!!!! I can't believe we made it through four years at Dartmouth, and I can't wait to see the title "Dr." in front of your name a couple years down the road from now. You will forever be my icon, and I lament the fact that we can't celebrate graduation together - BUT I STILL WANNA SAY THAT I LOVE YOU AND I'M SO PROUD!!!!

XOXO Julie

From Erin Fitzgerald

LOVE YOU and SO PROUD of you!!
I will never forget our memories together, from Dartmouth, to Georgia, to Mexico. Can't wait to see you crush it in the real world<3


From Steph Quintero

I am so incredibly grateful to say that during our four years together, you were always right by my side and I always knew that you were there for me no matter what. Through the good and the bad, I could always count on you to be the highlight of my day. Whether it was swimming in the river all day or laying in your bed listening to music, I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else. You were a shoulder to cry on when life was tough, but we always would get through it together. You are not only my best friend but a true soulmate. I am so proud of your accomplishments and whatever the future may hold, just remember I will always be by your side no matter what. Dartmouth has given me so many amazing things, but you are one of the best. I love you so much!

Un Beso,