Congratulations Sabena Allen!

Major in Native American Studies
Minor in Geography

From Heather MacLean

Congratulations, Sabena. I am proud of you for everything you have accomplished, including being accepted into your dream PhD program; and for the many accolades you have received these past few months. You are a driven but kind person and you inspire me.

All my love,

From Sebastian Wurzrainer

Congratulations, Sabena! I'm so incredibly proud of you and everything you have accomplished. Reading your honors thesis recently was a wonderful chance to reflect on all that you have achieved as well as all the things I'm sure you will achieve as you now transition to graduate school. Through your fierce intellect, dry wit, and immense compassion, you have taught me to be a better person. And I'm excited to watch as you begin to teach so many more people (both students and fellow scholars) about your culture, indigenous theory, and your own unique perspective. Being a part of your journey at Dartmouth has been my great privilege, and I'm also looking forward to being part of its next phase.   
With love, 

From Loni & Ray Sherman

Dear Sabena:
It's been a wonderful experience for us watching you grow from age 8 to now.  We have such fond memories of the times we've spent together & look forward to a future when we can be together again.  In the meantime, it's our pleasure to say "congratulation on a job well done +++" and best wishes for a future filled with learning, good health, and happy times.
Much love,
Loni & Ray

From Rob Allen and Robin Sherman

Congratulations on this milestone in your so far amazing life!  We are in awe of your hard work, high standards and intellectual prowess.  It has been amazing to witness your journey, from telling Raven stories to employing indigenous storywork in a brilliant critique of post-colonial capitalism. We could not be more proud of you, beautiful daughter.  We know that you will make important contributions to scholarship and your community, and continue the family tradition of strong Native women. We look forward to listening to your stories and learning from you.

Love always,
Dad and Robin

From Steven Abbott

Congratulations, Sabena, on all your hard work & amazing accomplishments!  UChicago should be an amazing next step for you!  Thank you for all your contributions to the community over the years & wishing you nothing but the best!

From Libby Stortz

Congrats Sabena! What a terrific accomplishment. We're all really proud of you and pleased for you.
All the best of luck in all your endeavors.

From Lauren Allen

Yahoo! Congratulations to you!

From The Gentry Family

Congratulations Sabena!! We are so proud of you and your amazing accomplishments. We're excited for the next chapter in your life! Thanks for being a wonderful example to all of us, we love you!

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