Congratulations Onaleece Colegrove!

Major in Native American Studies
Minor in Psychology

From AJ Taptto


All there is to say is that I am truly blessed to not only have the privilege of calling you one of my best friends but also ~my sister. I appreciate and will always be grateful to have someone like you in my life and I hope we continue to keep that sisterly bond going forward in whatever paths we choose. And remember that I will always be here for you no matter what, even if it's to hear or spill some tea! I believe in you as a strong, badass Hoopa warrior Ons and I am incredibly proud of you!! I miss you very much Ontological-leece, and I hope one day soon we get to do that camping trip we always talk about in Hoopa and go squatchingggg (lmk when). Keep those twitter memes coming too. I love you dawg ~ my sister as myself~    <3 AJ

From Emerson Mahoney

Congratulations to one of the kindest people on campus! I wish you the best wherever your path leads you.

From Muriel Ammon

Congrats Onaleece! Thanks for being a friend, an amazing NAD president, and another norcal native on the east coast. I've enjoyed getting to know you again, especially in Santa Fe! Looking forward to our humboldt foods tour, post-pandemic :) Ts'ehdiyah whimalyo', Muriel

From Alayah Johnson-Jennings

Congratulations on graduating! Thank you for being such an amazing NAD President and person. I have always  admired your wisdom and intellect and and am so happy I got the chance to work with you in person in the second half of spring and ~virtually~ in the fall on exec (preCOVID… I guess you were prepared…). I am so excited for your future and know your impact on Indian Country and the World will be amazing! 

From Elsa Armstrong

Onaleece, the power! She is an incredible leader. She is strong, thoughtful, smart, caring, and gets this done. It was truly an honor to serve as co president with her by my side. I am so excited to follow her journey for the years to come. Congratulations!!

From Selena Neptune-Bear

Onaleece! So grateful for your leadership within NAD and on campus as a whole. I will always admire your wisdom, calm demeanor, and bluntness. Going to miss PIC's and Microbrew Monday's! Wishing you the best on your next journey. Berkeley is lucky to have you. ❤️

From Steven Abbott

Onaleece - i'm sure you're probably sick of getting compliments from me by now, but wanted to take the chance once again to say THANK YOU for all your hard work & contributions over these last few years, both for the work we've done together in Admissions - which i literally could not have done without you - and for all you've done with the community.  You are a very natural, lead-by-example kind of presence & your impact here has, i'm sure, been far greater than you realize.  CONGRATULATIONS to you on your graduation, on everything that you have done in getting here and on your new role in Cali!  Look forward to keeping in touch & to those times when our paths will continue to cross.  Be well.    -steven

From Micah Daniels

Dear Onaleece,
Your success comes at no surprise, for you are a reliable and consistent person. The turmoil of life may come crashing down, and still, you stand dauntless at its crest. I'm not sure if this is how you felt, but any time I was around you I saw only grace and tranquility. Please accept my happiest of congratulations during this time. 
Best regards,