Congratulations Ariana Casey!

Master of Public Health
Health Policy & Clinical Practice

From Steven Abbott

Congratulations to you, Ariana!  Wishing you the best for everything that is yet in store for you!  

- Steven

From Charlotte


Congratulations on Graduating!


From Stephanie, Bob, Avery, Jaxon, and Kinsley

Congratulations!! Nice work! 
Stephanie, Bob, Avery, Jaxon, and Kinsley

From Bill & Barbara Casey

Dad & I are so proud of you.  There are no words to describe the extent of how we truly feel.  It is amazing how you accomplished all you did with all the trials and tribulations you faced.  Keep up the good work, never give up.  There is no doubt that you will succeed with anything you do.  Your determination is incredible.  
Love you to the moon and beyond,
Mom, Dad, Lexi & Khloe

From Kim, Joe, Cristina and Anthony

Congratulations on your graduation and all of your achievements! We are proud of you!

Kim, Joe, Cristina and Anthony

From Susan

Congratulations on graduating! You will do well in anything you pursue next!

From Adam

Congratulations on finishing yet another degree!! You have done so much with everything you have gone through. I can't wait to see what you do going forward with this part of your life! I am so happy to have someone like you involved in our work and I am as happy to have met you!

Again congratulations!!

From Don Hall

I want to congratulate  you on your degree that you worked so very hard to achieve. Put it to good use!
Best wishes,

From David & Gabrielle Proietti

Congratulations Ariana!  You have worked incredibly hard to achieve your goals and now you're on your way to begin a new voyage, where dreams and accomplishments are achieved with the same focus and determination.  As you embark on your next chapter post academia, embrace life with passion and keep reaching for the stars.  We are so proud of you!  

With all of our Love,
David and Gabrielle.

From Stacey & Matt Cornacchia

"Congratulations on your well-deserved success."
And best wishes on your next adventure!

Love ,
Stacey and Matt

From Nancy Proietti

Good job, Congratulations, wishing you the best of everything you choose to do!