Congratulations Emerson Mahoney!

Bachelor of Arts
Major in Economics
Minor in Linguistics


From Selena Neptune-Bear

Emerson! Seems like just yesterday we were meeting during NAD pre-O. Crazy to think of all the memories we've made since. Memories I will cherish long after Dartmouth. I am so grateful for your advice, and the laughs we've shared. I cannot wait to see where life takes you next. I know it will be full of excitement and success.

From Sammie Maltais

Congrats Emerson! I know it's bittersweet now, but super proud of you for making it through. Keep it up:)
- Sammie Maltais

From Paula Mendoza

Dearest Em,
College? Check. Woohoooo! CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is your day!!! So incredibly proud of you, your journey, and your growth. If you haven't already, I hope you take some time either today (or at some point soon) to reflect on what your Dartmouth experience has given you and how you feel four years later. It's a special time. Head up, Em. YOU DID IT—highs, lows, and everything in between. And although our overlap at Dartmouth wasn't too long, I am eternally grateful that it gave me my best friend. Big Green forever. The rest of the world awaits your greatness. 

Love you,

From Ngina Johnson

From Ella Mahoney

Emer! So proud of you for working so hard through school. The way you've grown as a person and friend has been so wonderful to witness and be a part of.
I can't wait to explore more of the world with you, to surf more, share more laughs, play tons more games, to see where you choose to go in life!
Keep being your happy-go-lucky self and you'll go far.


Love always, Ella

From Mom

Emerson you light up the world around you with energy 
you are proud & sensitive, adventurous & loving
never stop showing all of this to the world that you live
You have and will accomplish amazing things
Kuweeqahsan - you are in the light(enlightened)

I love you
Mom(a.k.a. your biggest fan) 


From Woody, Jamie & the kids

so proud of you, emerson!
love from woody, jamie & the kids!

From Ella and Chaerin

Lots of love,
Ella and Chaerin 

From Dad


It has been with incredible pride and pleasure that I have watched you learn, mature, and truly thrive over the past four years within the Dartmouth College community. I am grateful to have been able to experience the campus a bit with you, Family Weekend, club hockey games, Collis pool room to name a few. Great memories. We had all hoped to celebrate the culmination of your years of hard work and sacrifice in the traditional fashion on The Dartmouth Green, but it was not to be. Hopefully, in some way the strange, history making circumstances will make it more memorable and make you stronger for it.

Congratulations Emerson and I look forward to watching you apply your perfectionist attitude and succeeding in whatever you decide to do in the future!

Love always, Dad

From Uncle Chip and Aunt Diotima

Emerson is a young man we've known since birth,
and we have watched him grow up to become the strong,
straightforward, clear eyed, determined and loving
young adult of excellent character and generous,
the kindest warmhearted demeanor that
deserves the admiration of anyone lucky enough to
know Emerson. He has always shown great
discipline and steadfastness in pursuing his goals,
whether it be as a baseball player in little league,
hockey, or any other area of interest to him. He's
brave, balanced, and a profound thinker.

We are so proud of you and wish you all the very
best for your future! Smooth Sailing to you! 

Brightest Star Emer,
Your Uncle Chip and Aunt Diotima


From Sammi Chavez


Congratulations on your college graduation. I hope during the days following your ceremony you continue to become increasingly proud of all that you have accomplished, not only during your four years at Dartmouth, but throughout your whole life thus far! You have a lot of amazing dreams that I know will quickly become a reality for you. Always know that you have a large team to support you wherever you end up and we all are eager to see where life takes you!

Cheers to many amazing adventures ahead!

All the best,

Sammi Chaves

From Steven Abbott

Emerson - congratulations to you, my friend, on your graduation and all that you've done in getting here.  You've always been such a steadying, positive influence in the community here.  Know that you will be missed!  Please keep in touch - i know there's a lot in store down the road for you!  All best wishes & be well.   -steven