Congratulations Nizhoni Redmond!

Major in Anthropology

From Steven Abbott

So let's see.  Thinking back to April of 2016 & a Starbucks in NM.  Anyone could see that you were an amazing person then & that's done nothing but increase ever since.  Have so appreciated your presence here & offer you nothing but sincerest congratulations on all you've accomplished.  I hope you will stay in touch & fill us in on all that is to come.  In the mean time, take good care & be well.   -steven

From April Adams

So proud of your journey!  You are a role model for so many!  I have always felt lucky that you stayed in Girl Scouts and stayed in touch.  You deserve greatness!  
Yours in Girl Scouts and in friendship,

From Dominika Cornejo

Congrats Nizhoni! I'm so proud of you!


From Annie Woronecki

Congratulations Nizhoni! I'm always struck by how kind and thoughtful you are.  Seeing you puts a smile on my face, and I know that your future will be full of success and happiness. 

Your friend,

From Lindy Sayward

Congratulations Nizhoni!  Along with your determined classmates, be bold with  your dreams and allow your ideas to flourish. Your wisdom and light will make a difference as we begin to create a New Earth. We need you!  Keep your thoughts positive, your passion honed and your defined purpose will appear before you know it.  So proud of you!  Many blessings, Lindy