Congratulations Polimana Joshevama!

From Povi Romero

To Poli from Povi, I will never forget the day we met and you corrected me because you thought I was mispronouncing your name but I was actually introducing myself. You're an amazing strong woman and I hope we get the chance to talk more and keep in touch. I know you will be kicking ass and taking names the whole way! xoxo Povi

From Augusta Terkildsen

Most colorful Polimana,
It warms my heart to see you finish your undergrad. Your strength, adaptability and elegance are what have gotten you to this point in life. I am very glad to have been able to share along in the journey with you, I would not have asked for a better laughing partner. You're always ready to do what needs to be done and you do so without fear; I know that Dartmouth feared you (all 5ft+ Hopi) but was better for it. Congratulations on your special day. 
With Love,

Gusti Wynds, Heppi, Meemow and Family

From Maleah Wenzel

You are one of the most caring and revolutionary people I've ever met. You are always down to create change, whether that's through protest or direction action or empathy or love. When I go to a protest or to an interview or to do anything that scares me, I wish you were there. You are the person who eggs me on just enough, but still trusts in my decisions and my feelings. Together, we are matriarchs. Our Indian woman laugh will fill a home again someday.

Love love love,

From Elizabeth Allemann, MD

Polimana, it is such an honor to witness and celebrate this important milestone.  You are such a bright light in my life and memories of our time together though brief, continue to uplift and inspire me.  Love Elizabeth Allemann

From Nykal

I met Poli and had the honor of working together at Oceti Sakowin protecting water. Congratulations fam, I  know how hard you've worked and we are proud of your achievements! Cheers!!

From Alex Romero-Frederick

Congratulations Poli on your graduation! ❤️ Your Lakota fam- the Romero and Fredericks!

From Steven Abbott

Poli!  Well.  Much has already been said, but wishing you sincerest congratulations on graduation, but more importantly all that it's taken to get here.  Yours has been such a Powerful voice & example throughout your time here.  You have had a tremendous & transformative impact on this place that will not soon fade & i know is something you will carry with you as you move on.  Thanks for all you've done & all you are.  Be well.   -steven

From Micah Daniels

I am so very happy for you! Despite the fact that the world is falling to pieces, I have faith because you are coming through,  willing to lacerate and maim anything that gets in your way. There is hope for change and a better future because you are adamant in demanding justice. You are resilient and a force to be reckoned with in any context or situation you find yourself. Continue to have faith in yourself- I cannot wait to hear about the -isms you will make obsolete.
Much love,

From Harrenson Gorman

Keep on slaying, fam. You are such an inspiration to me and everyone who has the honor of getting to know you. The sage continues to burn! 

-Harrenson G