Congratulations Elsa Armstrong!

Major in Native American Studies

From AJ Taptto

Elsa!! You are such a homie and I appreciate you as a human being!! You have such a joyous presence and every time I would see you around the house or out and about it always made my day that much brighter. I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished; I am even more excited to see what happens next for you in AZ!! (come visit me and I'll come visit you when the time comes, and we can eat sheep if you want sheep lol) I love and miss you dawg!! -AJ 

From Kathy Gang

I am so proud of Elsa Armstrong for all that she has accomplished while at Dartmouth. Elsa, you are so smart and focussed in everything you do. More importantly, you are kind and open-minded toward the people and projects in which you become involved. I have learned a great deal from you over the years.
To a very bright future, starting in Arizona. Those middle school english students are so fortunate to have you as their teacher!!

All the best,
Kathy Gang

From Selena Neptune-Bear

Elsa! I cannot thank you enough for the love and support you have brought to my life throughout our Dartmouth journey. I am blessed to have a best friend as intelligent, empathetic, and fun as you. I already miss spending everyday with you but I know our friendship will be just as strong throughout the next steps of our lives. I am so proud of you for taking the leap to move to Phoenix and I know you will be the best teacher. Koselemol Ellis ❤️❤️ Selence 

From Paula Mendoza

My sweet Elsa,


I am so very proud of you. Dartmouth has been, and will always be, blessed by your presence and voice. I tell you this all the time (and I genuinely mean it every time!): I am in awe of you. Not only are you destined for future greatness, but you already have done so much greatness, and ARE greatness. It has been an immense honor and privilege to see how you lead, connect, and grow alongside others. You draw people in because of your passion, energy, and authenticity. You are incredible, Elsa. Never forget it. The biggest congratulations to you from the bottom of my heart xx

Love you,

From Steven Abbott

Elsa - i know you've heard it all already, but just too many things to put into words.  MIIGWECH for all you have given to this community over these last few years - your natural leadership, your voice, your kindness & your talents.  Congratulations on all you've done & accomplished in this time.  Your contributions will leave a very important legacy behind, but your moving on will leave a hole in this community that won't be refilled.  Thank you, too, for all the innumerable times you stepped up to help.  Keep in touch & be well.  -steven

From Glittoris

Queen Ellis,

congratulations on making it through hell. I have always looked up to you and it has been an honor to be part of your journey these past years. I have seen you grow so much in so many different ways, kinda like an ivy plant. Your light and love permeate any and all spaces you enter, and I am excited to see it spread all over the world. Can't wait to see you again, I'll be waiting in the desert.

Love, Glittoris <3

From Madeline

Dearest Elsa, 

Congratulations on your graduation! You are one of the brightest and diligent human beings I know, and I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished! I wish you all the best! 


(This is my favorite picture of us) 


From Marlene M. DePerry and Howard D. Paap

Elsa B. -
Your four years of hard work at Dartmouth College have been wonderful to watch and be a part of. You have honored us in all ways by your successes, whether in academics or music and theater. We are especially pleased with your deep involvement in Native American areas and activities. You come from a long line of strong and powerful Ojibweikwewag and you are continuing to successfully carry on that tradition. Thank you for being who you are. Our love is deep and endless.

-- Marlene M. DePerry and Howard D. Paap

From Kourtney Kawano

Congratulations Elsa!! So stoked to hear you'll be teaching. I hope we'll be able to connect at NAI again.
-- Kourtney

From Alayah Johnson-Jennings

Ellis, remember that time you were my fly in host and we figured out I went to your mom's food truck the day before… AND our parents were friends? I guess that's cool. You went from being the person Derek told me to look for (more specifically "Beth's daughter goes there she helped me get into Dartmouth"). Well… I guess I'm happy to have met you back in those days and you were able to become one of my closest friends throughout my Dartmouth experience. I am so proud of what you have done over your four years and can't wait to see what you do in the future. If you ever wanna pursue dreams of opening a bakery or restaurant let me know! Also, I guess, I should say congratulations! 

From Beth Paap

I am so proud of you and what Dartmouth has given you and more importantly what you have given Dartmouth! Since that afternoon in June, 1999, it has been a pleasure and honor to be a part of your life. We all love and support you forever and ever.

From Alison, Alan, Mabel and Margaret Spaude-Filipczak

Congratulations, Elsa!  You have so many achievements to celebrate! I hope the last four years have been rewarding and enriching. You have so much to offer and it has been wonderful to see the positive impact you are having on the world. We wish you much joy and happiness to come.

From Ryann Cornelius

Hi Elsa! 
I wanted to congratulate you on this amazing accomplishment and wish you the very best in all you do after Dartmouth! I know you are very excited to embark on this next journey in your life and I cannot wait to see and hear of all the bright things you do during such time. Becoming a teacher and an educator is some hard work and I have no doubt that you will do amazing; your kindness and determination will serve and guide you well! 
Thank you for everything you have done for me and the NAD community! I have been privileged to get to know you and am so grateful for your friendship and mentorship throughout my first year at Dartmouth. 
Always know that you have a home and a friend in Zuni if you ever find yourself in New Mexico. Thank you again, and congratulations!!!

With all my love and support,

Your once upon a time Native Fly-In prospie, 

Ryann Cornelius

From Scott Armstrong

Knew you were destined for something when you were 'reading' Berenstein Bears books before you could even recognize letters.  Hoping you will change the world in a big or small way - you decide.  

Love, Dad and Kathy

From Julie Lim

Dear Elsa,

Congratulations!!!! You have always been a shining ray of sunlight that brightens my day whenever I had the privilege of running into you on campus - you deserve this celebration of your time at Dartmouth! You are destined to do great things, and I am so glad I got to be a small part of your experience at Dartmouth :) So sad we aren't doing this spring term together but I'll always be cheering for you here in Georgia!

XOXO Julie

From John Neptune

Congratulations Elsa from the Neptune family and the Penobscot Nation! Keep fighting for the ones that can't! 


From Sammie Maltais

Congrats on making it all the way through Dartmouth!! So excited for you and all the adventures you have ahead :)

From Kylea Garcia

Congratulations Elsa! It's been such a pleasure seeing you throughout the years. I'll miss your radiant energy on the Dartmouth campus. Thank you for your friendship, advice, and wisdom! 

With love, 

From Keller Paap

Howa Elsa, gidapiitenimigoo gaa-kiizhiikaman gikinoo'amaagoziyan gabe-gikendaasoowigamigong! Bekish naa geget ginwenzh ani-wajepiiyan, minomanji'oyan gaye da-minobimaadiziyan waasa giniigaaniiming. Gizhawenimigoo apane.

From Gabe Canfield

Elsa! I am so proud of you for graduating and getting everything done in this crazy time!! I want to write out my appreciation for you throughout all of these years that we've been students together and say a sincere thank you for being around. You made my time at Dartmouth feel more comfortable and welcomed and your presence always uplifting. I'm so glad we got to be closer friends throughout the years and I'll miss seeing you so much this spring and beyond! Thank you so much for being a fantastic NAD president and friend, and I hope to see you again soon. Good luck with your post-grad endeavors! This won't be the last time I see you so quyana and <3 you!

-- Gabe C