Congratulations Hailee Brown!

Double Major in Anthropology & Native American Studies
Minor in Environmental Studies

From Alex Hawley

I am very proud of you sister!!! I am so excited for your future and so grateful to have you in my life. I look forward to continuing to grow in friendship as we navigate the world around us. You've worked hard to get here, and I hope you recognize how far you've come. Cheers to you!


From Maleah Wenzel

I have seen you grow so much over the last few years. I'm honored to have known you throughout our Dartmouth careers and to have watched you become the woman you are now. You are one of the most genuinely good people I've ever met. You've influenced my life and my sense of self in the best way. You've taught me to have patience with myself and to always love myself and my friends. Your wisdom comes through in the most hilarious ways. I'm excited to see where you go and to share our stories along the way.

Always with love,

From Steven Abbott


Well, have already said a lot, but going to miss you!  Congratulations once again to you & all you've done & that it's taken to get here.  THANK YOU for all you've done & given & for everyone here & please keep in touch!  


From Pachynne Ignacio

YOU DID IT!!! I am so proud!!!! I love and support all that you are and all that you will do. Love, Pachynne.

From Erin M Clark

Congratulations Hailee

This is never how I'd I expected I'd be saying goodbye and wishing you the best in your future endeavors. 
It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and be a part of your Dartmouth experience. Thank you also for your commitment to Novack. 
I am so proud of you and you will be missed!  
Good luck with what's to come. 


From Megan Ungerman

Congratulations on graduating! I'm in awe of everything you do and feel so lucky to know you! Can't wait to hear about the next part of your journey!

From Cameron

Congrats Hailee!
The years are flying by so fast. It's amazing how much you've grown as a person since I first met you. I'm looking forward to seeing you meet success in the future. Never stop chasing after your passion.

From Ashleigh Fixico


My girl you did it. I am blessed and highly favored to have had the privilege to watch you grow and love you through the many things you overcame to accomplish this achievement. 

Your unyielding truth and demeanor taught me the power of quiet observation, something I wanted but never knew I needed. During the troubled times we shared, I remember your voice filled with passion and conviction for the people and things you believed in with all of your heart. Such power can only come from those with the patience and strength that you possess to uncover the meaning behind the world.

When we sat in the pizza place in Phoenix this past December, I remember listening to you while you talked about all the growth you had accomplished and how carefully you treated the parts of you that were still tender. In that moment, I realized I was in the presence of a queen with a heart filled with kindness and love despite all of the heartache you faced. Your strength and determination to become the woman you have chosen to become would bring anyone foolish enough to stand in your way to their knees. 

Remember this: Be gentle with who you are becoming and take the waves in stride. You will continue to move mountains, even if you move a pebble at a time.

I love you my girl and I am proud of you, for you. Always and forever. 

Hvtvm Cehecares, 

From Jade Morning Sky Little

Hailee, my strong resilient Indigenous sister! You continue to inspire me in everything you do and I am very excited to see your upcoming accomplishments and endeavors. Congratulations Hailee!

With Love,
Jade Morning Sky Little

From Hinemoa Elder

E te tapairu, nei a Mihi ka rere ki a koe! Congratulations to you and your whole whānau. You are a leader and you already create enormous opportunities for others! I wish you all the best from your whānau on Waiheke Island, Aotearoa! And we look forward to seeing you again!

From AJ Taptto

Yee-haw dawg you made it!!! I am super proud of you and all of the amazing Hailee~Shmailee things you have done and WILL do!! It truly has been a blessing to cross paths with you and to know that an incredible human being such as yourself exists in this world. Keep going sister, I support you in all of your endeavors, you are more than capable and worthy of all things good in this world. You deserve it. See you soon sister, I love you!! -AJ

From Timothy J. Brown


we are so proud of you for what you have accomplished during your 4 years at Dartmouth. But we are even more proud of you for the person you have become. You have grown in so many ways and left us with so many special memories that we can all truly say that you are our  "sunshine".  We can't wait to see what the future holds for you as you embark on your next journey in life. We will always be by your side cheering you on.

Love always, Mom, Dad, Chris, and Jordan

From Muriel Ammon

I'm so happy to have gotten to know you <3 You're an academic inspiration and a fashion icon. Thanks for your kindness and compassion. I wish you all the best!! Love, Muriel

From Judy and Chuck Englehart

How very exciting, Hailee! I can guarantee that you'll fall in love with Santa Fe. It truly is "The City Different".

From Serena

Congratulations Hails!! You're finally done! I'm so excited for you, and can't wait to see where you head in life! Wherever it is I know it will be amazing because you deserve it! 

From Davina Two Bears

Yá'á'tééh Hailee,
Congratulations on graduating from Dartmouth- happy to hear you have a job in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Best wishes in all your future endeavors!
Your friend,
Davina Two Bears