Congratulations Selena Neptune-Bear!

Major in Native American Studies

From Alayah Johnson-Jennings

Selence, I am happy Ellis dragged me to your room during my fly in all those years ago. I guess you're pretty old now that you have a degree. Though I will always think of the first time I met you, your freshman year when you were deciding what to wear to the Indigenous Peoples Day Midnight Celebrations. Crazy how you went from that to planning Indigenous Peoples Month. Wow. The progress. Who would have thought we would go from that to sharing a boyfriend. Crazy how time flies! But, in all seriousness, I'm so happy I met you because if I never met you I would have never met Giorgio! Congrats! 

From Carmella

i'm so proud of u auntieeee!!!

From Naomi Neptune

Congratulations!  We are all so proud of the strength and determination you continue to show throughout your life! We can't wait to see the change you and your graduating class will bring to this world!  
Keselmu ❤️

From Sammie Maltais

Congrats Selena!! So proud of all the amazing things you've done and will continue to do:)
-Sammie Maltais

From Sylvia Sockbeson

Be proud of this moment you deserve it for all the effort and passion you invested. Thumb up for your great performance... congratulation and follow your dreams you are going to be awesome in whatever adventure you take.... Love you always

From Sharon Paul

I am so proud of the woman you have become. You worked Hard for your degree and I hope you stand Tall and cofident. You are going to do great things. Good luck and I love ya!! Yay! Go Selena

From John Neptune

Congratulations Selena!! You have inspired more people than you will ever know with your dedication and hard work! Stay strong and be happy! Uncle John

From Kourtney Kawano

Congratulations Selena! You go girl.

- Kourtney

From Esha Sockbeson

So proud to call you my cousin. Ilysm and am so proud of you! Keep the good work coming! ❤️

From Steven Abbott


What can i possibly say?  i still remember reading your application all those years ago.  CONGRATULATIONS on graduating, on all that it's taken to get here and on all that you have accomplished.  THANK YOU for all your hard work, your constant volunteering to help, your leadership and your seeming endless well of good will.  So excited for you and for all that is next and in store for you down the road.  Wishing you nothing but the very best.  Be well & PLEASE keep in touch!  

- Steven

From Neana Neptune and Shenee Presnell

We are so very proud of you and all your accomplishments, Selena. Congratulations! Your future will be filled with love, strength, honesty and integrity in all your impending accomplishments. May Creator strengthen and support you on your journey through life. Always know you are loved to infinity and beyond, forever and ever...mama Neana and uncle Shenee

From Margo Downing

Congratulations Suz! So very proud of you!! You will go far because of your strength and commitment!! Huge love to you❤❤ Margo

From Glittoris

Selence Suuss (??i tried??), congratulations are in order graduate. It has been inspiring to get to know you and watch you grow. I remember seeing you during the Pre-O dinner and I made my dreams come true to become friends with you. You care deeply and are eloquent in your work fighting for indigenous and women's rights. It pushes everyone to a higher standard and I appreciate that. I know you will find your perfect path at the right time for YOU, and I cannot wait to watch you grow and bloom. I will always be here to support you and can't wait to see you again soon, bring some flower :) Love Glittoris

From Saphfire Brown

Selena - watching you grow over the last three years has been so special to see. When we first met I was taken aback by how sincere and genuine you were, with the biggest heart and the best laughs. You are so strong, kind, and passionate. Your compassion and commitment to helping others is truly inspiring. I'm so proud of you and I can't wait to watch while you change the world!! - Saph 

From Abby Damon

Congratulations Selena! I'm so proud of you and everything you've accomplished. It's been so wonderful watching you bloom even more from the wonderful woman you were in high school. I'm looking forward to watching you change the world. 
So Much Love,
Abby Damon