Congratulations Nicholas Woo!

Major in Native American Studies

From Shelbi Fitzpatrick

I am so lucky to call you my friend. Throughout your time at Dartmouth, you have always stayed true to so true. You have no idea how beautiful that is. Some people never find their authentic selves and you managed to share your genuine and vibrant soul with others every single day. Post Dartmouth, take ocean eyes with you and always know you've got family in Montana. CONGRATULATIONS NICK!!!!!! You did the dang thing :)

From Madelyne Mayer

Oh, Nicholas.

You and I have been through some ROUGH times together, but we made it. Look  at us now! You mean so much to me and will always have a very special place in my heart and in my life. You are the MOST chaotic, messy, clumsy, silly, trustworthy, gay (of course I mean **happy**), calming, loving, and dementia-ridden person I know. I had no doubt we could make it through this hellhole (though for a second there at the end I gotta say I was nervous). Anyways. Congratulations!! We are fabulous.

All my love, Maddy.


From Steven Abbott

NICK!!  I honestly don't know what we are going to do without you.  Your infectious laugh, unfailingly open personality & seemingly relentless good will have been a true gift to this community.  Thank you for all you've done & all you've given.  I hope you'll stay in touch - so many great things in store for you, i know!  Be well & congratulations!

From Glittoris

!!!!Congratulations Nick!!!! Can't tell you how glad I am to have met you and am so excited to hopefully continue to be part of your wondrous life. You have brought joy and love to so many lives, and in such a dark, hellish place and I admire you greatly. Congrats on getting out and flying free. Keep being queerious, love Glittoris

From Davina Two Bears

Hi Nicholas, 
Congratulations On your graduation from Dartmouth! So happy for you! Wishing you the best in all your future endeavors!
Your friend,
Professor Davina Two Bears

From AJ Taptto


Words cannot describe how grateful and appreciative I am of your existence in this world. You are one of the most caring, loving, compassionate, kind-hearted, FUNNY people I know, and your presence is beyond powerful. You are worthy and deserving of everything good in this world and know that I am always proud of you Nick. I want to thank you for helping me realize what it means to be my true self and to not feel ashamed of it; I want to especially thank you for being your absolute true self and for always going above and beyond ~for you. That is truly inspirational. Don't ever dim or tone down your light for anyone sir, keep shining!! And best believe I will always be here to support you. It's like what Auntie Deb said to the both of us, "Be Fierce." I love you Nick Woo and I miss you dawg. -AJ <3

From Jon Lu

Congrats Nick on graduating!

From Diana Chen & Hokwai Woo

Dear Nicholas, 
Cap in the air and you are FREE TO FLY!  So happy to see you are up another major step in your life. You are now wiser and stronger.  You are ready to take your passion and ambition to the next level. 

We like you to - Be a good man, a good contributor to this world.  Be a hungry man, your appetite for new knowledge will never be satisfied.  Be a happy man, fill your day with silly jokes and healthy laughs.  Be a healthy man, knowing that HEALTH IS THE CAPITAL OF LIFE!

Be Strong! When you are down, remember your parents are always here for you.  Trust in our Lord.  HE can and will help you if you seek for HIS help.  I know you have grown up and getting independent more every day.  

Dear Nicholas, thank you for sharing your college experience with us!
Congrats to your graduation!

Your proud parents with Love,
Diana & Hokwai

From Micah Daniels

Wow, Nick.
How long has it been since we took our first class together?? You never cease to amaze me- your energy and ability to smile, to see the positives of any situation is inspiring. You have become an integral part of our community and I look forward to seeing where your path leads. Please continue to be your authentic self, that essence will be a guiding light for many. If at times you don't have faith in yourself, have faith in the fact that others look to you for inspiration and happiness, for they will see a person with integrity and wit. Je te donne tout mon amour. Vas avec la vigueur!

From Lylia Eng


Hallo hallo my fellow fabulous Cantonese friend. Congratulations on graduation! I'm beyond proud of you for this feat, and I'm so excited to see where you'll be headed off to next. I'm thankful I got to know you in my last year of college (we saved the best for last), and I'm gonna miss our random C+G hallway talks, our cute photography sessions, and all of your powerful sass. I hope we can re-unite sometime in the near future and properly celebrate in person (throwback to cute Winter Carnival picture)! Until then...

Much love,