Congratulations Melissa Flamand!

Major in Linguistics
Minor in Social Inequalities

From Manuel Rodriguez

Your smile? Contagious. Your laugh? One of a kind. Your heart? Absolutely golden. Your energy is so pure, and you deserve the world!

I've had the pleasure of getting to know you this year and you have made it 1000x better. Your outgoing energy and vulnerability is so inspiring, and I will truly miss seeing you on campus. From the finals shifts we had together at Novack to the echoing hiccup on Tuck Dr., you've truly made me a happier person and have helped me always see the brighter side of situations. Thank you for everything you've done, Mel! 

- Manny

From D Flamand

High school valedictorian 
Dartmouth graduate 
Kind, humble, beautiful, caring, smart
Awesome niece 

Congratulations Melissa Michelle Flamand.  Your uncle is very proud of you.

From Jodie Flamand

Oki Melissa (Clyde, Missy, Sister), 

We are extremely proud of you and all of your accomplishments! It takes a lot of courage and bravery to move 5000 miles from home and engage yourself in an entirely different culture. You are truly a warrior woman and should be so proud of yourself! When people say the "struggle is real" you can say you lived it! 

We are looking forward to following you on your next journey! We know your education will take you down many different paths and open the door to many opportunities. 

"Aiiyiikakiimaat" (Try your best in anything you do) 

With Love,

The Tailfeathers

From Samson Flamand


Congratulations to our Daughter

Melissa M. Flamand

You are Awesome!

Remember always:

We are nothing without our girls . . .

They are our Mothers and our Sisters . . .

Our Aunts and our Nieces . . .

Because of them we are given life,

We are nurtured and loved by them,

They give us guidance, and teach us respect.

They are the pillars upon which our society is built.

They make us whole healthy humans.

Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

And so . . . We are nothing without our girls . . .

Thank You Lord,

We are truly Blessed.

Love Dad and Mom

From Lylia Eng


Congratulations love! Lord knows how many all-nighters, breakdowns, and perseverance it took to get this degree, but you DID it. I'm so incredibly proud of you and excited to see where life will take you next. Throughout these past four years, I've been so blessed by your presence, laughter, and, most important, our friendship. Miss you loads, and I can't wait until we re-unite and properly celebrate in person (cough cough MT or maybe somewhere else in the this one of us on the beach)!

Much love,

From JoAnne Grandstaff

Melissa, you have achieved what you thought was unattainable just a few short months ago. This milestone is marked by memories, if not a formal ceremony. The education you have earned will remain with you forever- no one can take it away from you. You stand as an important role model for everyone who wishes to follow your footsteps. We are proud of you! Congratulations!

From Bonnie Sachatello-Sawyer

Dear Melissa,

Congratulations on your graduation from Dartmouth! It is an accomplishment to celebrate.

Your inner strength, intelligence, hard work and determination helped you to realize this goal. You have also been blessed by the love and support of your family and friends along the way. As you recognize this significant moment in your life, always remember that you have been given an amazing gift - to use this experience and knowledge in service to others.  We are excited to see what you choose to do with your precious life next. Keep going strong!

With much admiration and love,

From Brenda Flamand Bird

Congratulations so very proud of your accomplishments and best luck in your future endeavors.

From Courtney LittleDog

Melissa!!! I am so Proud of how far you have come and how much you have went through! Watching you come in, in high school you were so shy, timid and just kept to yourself until you opened up and boy were you a bundle of joy!!! I was always so proud of you and amazed at how determined of a young women you where. Being said you were always hurting yourself in basketball but that didn't stop you! You played through it with your poor hurt hands hahaha and in a way you mad me stronger as well I would think to myself when I was down or thinking I couldn't do I'd think of you and how much you hav accomplished! You are making history and are beyond a Phenomenal Young Women, I love you so much keeping pushing yourself you have yet to do more great things. Congratulations Class of 2020 Lord Knows you guys deserve it!!!

From The Hannons

Woohoo, You did it Melissa!

With Much Love,
The Hannons

From Saeeda Ullah

I don't know how to start this but I'll try my best. I'm so proud of you Mel! The last 4 years have been so hard, both mentally and physically. Despite all of the hardships you had to go through, you finally made it! I'm so honored to call you one of my best friends. You put a smile on everyone's faces and always manage to make us all laugh. I'm so glad we got closer over the years because I honestly can't imagine Dartmouth without you. You were an amazing roommate and I'm so sad we couldn't finish senior year physically together. I can't wait until we can finally take that road trip to Montana and see all your pets and explore the beauty of Montana.

From Steven Abbott

Melissa - i know a lot has been said already, but CONGRATULATIONS to you, not just on graduation itself but on all i know that it took to get you here.  Getting up time and time again, persisting, working hard & making the best out of every situation you could.  Have SO appreciated getting to know you and having you here - your kindness & compassion, your willingness to jump in & help out any time and your indomitable spirit.  You will be missed more than you know.  Congratulations again & by all means, stay in touch.  Be well.   -steven

From Erin M Clark

Congratulations Melissa
This is never how I'd I expected I'd be saying goodbye and wishing you the best in your future endeavors. 
It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and be a part of your Dartmouth experience. Thank you also for your commitment to Novack. 
I am so proud of you and you will be missed!  
Good luck with what's to come. 

From Diane Flamand

Your persistance, hard work, and support from family paid off in receiving your degree today from Dartmouth College.  This is a huge Milestone.  Auntie is proud of you!  Your determination and ambition will continue your journey.  I am looking forward to your future achievements and successes.  Melissa, Congratulations on your 2020  Graduation!

From Barbara Flamand

Congratulations to our Daughter Melissa M. Flamand!

You set a goal to attend an Ivy League School when you were very young. You were 10 years old and attending grade school in Babb, MT. You worked hard scholastically so you could be accepted into Dartmouth College, a place far from home. Then you challenged not only yourself, but us, by studying abroad in France even farther from home. These challenges were not easy, yet you persevered and achieved your goal. For now, it is a time for you to appreciate your success and a time to set new goals and aspirations. We cannot wait to be a part of your next journey.

We are so proud of you – in your recent success at Dartmouth, and the fine young lady you have become! Keep pushing "Can't Beat Me"!


Love You,

Mom and Dad


Melissa Flamand
You've come a long way baby!

From April Lam

Dear Melissa,

Congratulations! We made it!!!

Getting through Dartmouth was not an easy task but you have worked so hard and so long for this. I know there were times you did not want to be at the school but I am so glad you came to Dartmouth, that you stuck it through and that I got to meet you and become your friend. You are one of the most eloquent writers that I know and your dedication to your friends and family shows the sincerity of your heart. I appreciate our friendship, you are amazing, and I know that there will be great things coming for us after graduation.

From Kourtney Kawano

Congratulations on your accomplishment Melissa!
-- Kourtney

From Ginger Morris

I'm so proud of you ❤️

From Shelbi Fitzpatrick

It has been so beautiful and wonderful to watch you grow into your own. I am proud of your accomplishments and know that wherever you go, your heart and your mind will offer positive change-making. Congratulations, Melissa!

From Raisa Richards

Melissa, my dear girl! Congratulations on this great success in your life. Knowing you I never had doubts that you would make it. Keep pursuing your dreems, stay strong and be happy, enjoy your beautiful life and help and inspire people around you to be like you!
I am very proud of you, dear.
Always yours,
Raisa Richards

From Sharon Flamand

She arrived on a wintery day weighing in at 3.13 pounds. Her strong fighting spirit, rightfully so, was evident from day one.  Melissa continued to defy all odds sometimes experienced by preemies and excelled in all areas of development and scholastics.  As Valedictorian (4.0) of her High School class (2016), Melissa accepted a life changing scholarship to Dartmouth.  At Dartmouth, Melissa was selected as an exchange student to France.  Melissa has completed her B.S. in Linguistics in four years.  Melissa is extremely thankful to Dartmouth, all her instructors, the Native American Studies program, the lifetime relationships established and this life changing opportunity.  Your entire family is very proud of you!

From Fadeth Gomez

Congratulations Melissa! You are truly incredible and so inspiring, I am beyond proud of you!!!

Best wishes,

From Sunshine Gaither

Melissa, you are truly a strong beautiful young lady!!!  SO Proud of you!!  I knew you could do it!!!  You define who you are as a young lady!!!  You have strength, resilience, and fight in you (even if you didn't know it)! Stay true to yourself and always be willing to grow and learn!!!  HUGS!!!!!

From Charli Fool Bear

Melissa, I cannot express how proud of you I am. I feel as though I have watched you grow up since your INMED days and seeing you reach the end of your Dartmouth journey is truly a beautiful sight to see. Again, there are no words for how proud of you I am!

From Jolee Bullshoe

You are such an amazing role model. I am so proud to see how far you have come. When your efforts didn't seem like they were making an impact, I am here to assure you that they did. Congratulations on graduating from Dartmouth. The Blackfeet Rez is lucky to have people like you that make our community aware that success is possible and can be obtained. 

Jolee Bullshoe