Todd's Tales: Volume VI

May 26, 2020

Osiyo & gurggle blug glugg, NAH family & extended NAH family!

So, a guy walks into a pet shop & says, "I want to buy a goldfish."  The pet store owner says, "Okay, great – do you need an aquarium?"  The guy says, "I don't care what Zodiac sign it is, I just want a goldfish."  Wahahahaha!  Oh, that's a goldfish classic…  First time I heard it, I laughed so hard that air came out of my nose.

Well, hello once again from the NAH kitchen counter, y'all!  Volume six of Todd's Tales.

Happy Memorial Day to all of you.  Respect & gratitude to all our relatives & community members who have served their people.

So, even from afar, it feels like the term is already starting to wind down a bit.  I hope all of you are staying safe & well, but also not getting too stressed out with whatever is coming up for exams, papers, projects, etc.

Things are rolling right along up here, too.  Not too much in the way of big news this week, but lessee…

Construction crews have been digging up that same place out behind the NAH again.  Not sure what's going on with that spot, but starting to wonder if there aren't a bunch of pirates punking someone out by marking 'x' on the same spot over & over.  Hope they find whatever they're looking for.

'Downtown' Hanover (yeah, I can't say that with a straight face, either) looks a little different than the last time y'all were here.  Lou's & Dirt Cowboy have taken over half of Main Street, blocked off the parking & set up tables in the street.  Not sure how long that's going to last – once it starts getting hot & humid and people start needing places to park again.  Smh.  Seems a bit intrusive to me – I mean if you want to expand & show some flair, get a little plastic castle or one of those old timey diver-looking guys with the bubbles.  Show some class.  But hey, what do I know.

I know Cherie has been working to keep everyone up to date on the situation with getting your belongings taken care of, so make sure you check out her most recent email.  And please don't forget to get those well wishes & photos for the graduating 20s to Sarah by June 1!

Lastly – as a public service announcement – while it's reported that approximately 30% of Americans let their pets sleep on their beds with them, please don't try this with your goldfish.  In never ends well.

Miss y'all more each week – remember everyone who is here for you!

Much goldfish & air-breather love to all.

Yours in NAH-ness – Gurggle blug glugg,