Todd's Tales: Volume V

May 18, 2020

Direct & virtually live from the NAH kitchen counter, volume five of Todd's Tales – Hi-five!

Hard to believe another week has gone by already in the time warp of our current reality.  Let's see, what's been going on…

We had another Poli + Pepperspray sighting, another Iliana sighting as well as two – count them, two – independent Latrell sightings!  So, that's been fun.  After Poli's most recent visit, Latrell & AJ spent a busy afternoon in the NAH garden pulling weeds & harvesting some of the mint that has already sprouted up.  Auntie Kat stopped by with freshly-harvested fiddleheads at one point, too.  Makes me wish I ate more than pellets sometimes.

Sounds as though plans are starting to take off to get everyone's possessions taken care of & back to you one way or another.  Props to all of you for your patience with that.  Granted, I travel light, but I'm sure you want your own gravel & plastic plants back – or whatever it is y'all keep in those above-water spaces...

Speaking of - everyone's plants, succulents & cacti are still doing well & chattering away to each other over there in the sunny patch.  I've stopped asking them to translate – most of their conversation is, frankly, not that interesting.  You wouldn't believe how much they talk about dirt.  But, glad to see them thriving!  (TBH, steven – not my Steven, the big furry steven – has had kind of a miserable track record with plants.  Don't tell him I told you that.  Oh wait, he has to type this.  Meh, he probably won't even notice.  The big doof.  Erp, I hope he doesn't notice that either.)

So, I've been asked to remind you about two things this week:

First, you've probably seen the 20s posting links on social media for their graduation honoring pages.  Please remember to take the time to leave your thoughts, photos, well wishes & memories for the them online as they get ready for graduation.  As Aristotle said, "Memory is the scribe of the soul."  (Yeah, I'm a goldfish quoting Aristotle – we're deep, 'member?).  Can you imagine this place without the 20s?  Super-happy for them in all their next steps & new opportunities, but BOOO for losing them…  Sad goldfish face.  Anyway, take a mo' to tag those pages!  And big applause to Sarah & Shelbi at the NAP for setting all of that up! In fact, Sarah is going to make it super easy to submit those notes by adding the form below.   

Second, application for the Fly-In is wide open & they apparently need help in spreading the word.  Still no official word on what things will look like for the Fall Term here, but they are moving forward with Fly-In either way!  Watch for a flier in your email.

And, as always remember everyone who is here for you.

Stay well & keep supporting each other! 

Much goldfish & air-breather love to all.

Yours in NAH-ness – Gurggle blug glugg,



Honor a Graduating Student

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