Todd's Tales: Volume IV

May 11, 2020

Osiyo & gurggle blug glugg, NAH family!

Greetings once again from the kitchen counter of the NAH – it's time for our fourth installment of Todd's Tales!

I hope this finds everyone well, or as well as can be.  Happy Mothers' Day to all the Moms out there!  Hope everyone was able to take a little time to celebrate & honor the important mothers in your lives.  Goldfish can lay up to 1,000 eggs at a time, so Mothers' Day is a pretty huge deal for us.

Still not too much life to be had – at least of the 2-legged, air-breather variety – here on campus.  Most of campus remains shut down & the majority of folks are still isolating & working from home.  The 'starbucks' apparently just reopened, which seemed to be a big deal for my ghost writer.  Whatever a starbuck is…

The other day, I did get to see special guest star Poli, along with Iliana, AJ & my ghost writer out the back window as they played with Poli's new puppy, Pepper Spray (all social-distance appropriate, of course).  Adorbs all around & always glad to see community form where one can find it these days.

My ghost writer also managed to catch a photo of these other special guests over by Homelands Studio on Sunday, probably looking for Professor Reo &/or wondering where Powwow had been moved to:

Life returns to campus, one way or another…

That got me reflecting once again (I know, I know, but c'mon I live in a cubic foot of water – there's more than a little time to think) on this, what would have been Powwow weekend, about the milestones that are passing with these strange days.  Watching these occasions pass by – the time that would have been for AINC, Dimensions, May Day, Powwow – without all of you here, in a word, sucks.

Yet, in some ways, it's heartening to see that the same circumstances keeping many of us apart right now are also allowing the very things we gather for to manifest themselves:  time spent with our families & communities, time for the languages, stories & traditional knowledge, reduced air pollution, the spread of wildlife and opportunities for the Earth itself to heal – even if just a bit.

"The survival of all Species depends on our grasping the significance of what was learned during the Beginning Times.  And what we learned was this:  That Ceremony is Life itself; it is the way we do things; it is the way we maintain Balance and Harmony with all our Relations; it is the way we Honor our Ancestors and protect the Earth for the Yet Unborn Generation."


As the term wears on, always remember everyone who is here for you.  Keep in touch & keep supporting each other!

Much goldfish & air-breather love to all.

Yours in NAH-ness – Gurggle blug glugg,