Todd's Tales: Volume 1

April 14, 2020

Osiyo, NAH Family!

Gurggle blug glugg!  That's Eastern Goldfish for, 'Hello, friend!'

Actually, that's Eastern Goldfish for just about everything, come to think of it…

This is your old pal, Todd, still holding things down here in Hanover until y'all get back.  In one of his better, if not only good, ideas, steven (not my Dad – the big, furry one) has asked me to write an occasional column to keep you up to date on what's going on in your absence.  Sadly, the lack of fingers forces me to rely on him as my as-told-to ghost writer.  He's insisting on calling this "Todd's Tales" – get it?  Because I have a double-tail?  <Eye roll>  Honestly, air-breathers think they're hilarious…

So, I've been here since the start of this whole COVID outbreak/lockdown thing.  When my Dad left for California, he left me in charge of the NAH and to look after the other steven (the big, furry one).  Like all of you, I watched with increasing dismay as more and more things got cancelled as y'all left.  I'm sad not to see you guys.  Hanover, Dartmouth and the NAH are all pretty empty.  There are only about 200 students left on campus.  All the faculty and staff are supposed to be working remotely now, so it's really, really, really quiet.

AJ is the sole resident here and it's been good to have her around.  She's been working on her classes and checking in with a lot of other NAD folks, which I can hear from my tank.  I see Auntie Vera come into Sherman House every once in a while, and Shane was back cleaning for a couple of days, but other than that, not much traffic to report.  FoCo is only offering take-out food to the students who are here and just about everything on campus and in town is closed.  Even Starbucks is closed (gasp)!

The NAH has inherited its own little indoor garden and I can see it from here.  Everyone's plants, succulents and cacti are doing well.  They're all hanging out together, catching a lot of sunshine and speaking Cactus to each other.

On behalf of myself, the plants and the air-breathers, we miss you all a lot!  The place is not the same without all your life and laughter.  But we all hope you and your families are doing well and staying healthy.

And I'm supposed to remind you that Cherie, Steven, Sarah, Shelbi and Brittney are all still here for you, even from a distance.

Until next time – stay well!

Gurggle blub, glugg!