All information up to date as of 24W

Part A: Group Tutoring

  1. As you may know, the ASC has a list of courses that they offer group tutoring for on their website! These courses may, or may not, have an FGLI tutor.
  2. Through the ASC-and in addition to their offered courses, the FGO will provide FGLI-specific Group Tutoring--featuring high-demand courses for first-gen students.
  3. Please see the ASC Peer Tutoring Page for details and instructions.

Part B: Individual Tutoring

  1. We will offer individual tutoring for all other courses not listed on the ASC website.
  2. To be clear, the FGO will NOT offer individual tutoring for any of the listed courses (see 1 & 2 in Part A) unless a need has been identified. Please review the Academic Recovery Tutoring (ART) page for more details.

Changes for FGO Tutors

  1. For all applicants who had elected to offer tutoring for the aforemoentioned courses in Part A, your application information has been provided to the ASC. They will contact you directly.
  2. If any current applicant wishes to make adjustments to their FGO Tutor Application, please contact the FGO Program Coordinator directly.
  3. The FGO Individual Tutoring Request Form will open on Friday, 12 January 2024 at 5:00 PM, in accordance with the ASC's timeline, but matching and notifications will not take place until the program start date (Tuesday, January 16th).

Special Considerations

Any individual tutoring needed for the courses already provided through the ASC will only be offered if the need has been identified by the ASC and their criteria have been met.

Please submit a request to the ASC here, all requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.