Funding Resources

Dartmouth College Funding

Undergraduate Research and Advising

  • Purpose: UGAR maintains this list of campus-wide funding opportunities. While this is a very robust list, they make note that there may be other funding options on campus not included on this list.
  • Process: Each office is different so students are encouraged to research their website and schedule a meeting with their program coordinator to ask questions and learn more about the recommended timeline for one's planning project, and the application deadline.

Financial Aid Office: Barrier Removal Fund

  • Purpose: funding for unexpected or unusual circumstances that students may encounter (e.g. emergency travel, assistance with personal needs or assistance with educational needs not covered by financial aid). Generally, funds are limited and will be dispersed to a student once per academic year.
  • Process: students apply by filling out a form in the Financial Aid tile on DartHub. located in DartHub 

Rockefeller Center Student Conference and Event Mini-Grants

  • Rockefeller Center mini-grants cover up to $1,000 for conference registration fees for an individual student or  to cover the costs of an on-campus event or program by a student organization.

Dartmouth Fellowship Advising

  • Purpose: to promote fellowship opportunities for current students or Dartmouth graduates and provide application support throughout the process.  
  • Process: To learn more, please connect with Fellowship Advising

External Funding

Undergraduate Advising & Research

  • UGAR maintains an excellent list of external organizations that have funding opportunities for college students.