Centennial Circle FGO Mentoring Program

Currently in its 9th year, the Centennial Circle FGO Mentoring Program matches members of the Centennial Circle, a dedicated group of exceptional Dartmouth College alumnae, to first-generation rising juniors who are eager to engage in our comprehensive two-year mentoring journey. 

Application Info

Applications for current rising juniors (26s) are now closed. 

Matching Begins: Early Spring Term 2024

Check back soon for applications for 27s!


The Centennial Circle was established in 2014 and comprises a dedicated group of exceptional Dartmouth College alumnae.  These individuals have consistently shown their unwavering support of Dartmouth through various initiatives.  Their mission "is to connect alumnae to one another and to Dartmouth faculty, leaders, and students in order to build community; foster dialogue about critical campus, national, and global issues; and contribute meaningfully to Dartmouth."  

In line with this mission, members of the Centennial Circle collaborated with Jay Davis '90, Director of the First-Generation Office (FGO) and established this mentoring program.  

This initiative is a testament to the Centennial Circle's commitment to providing meaningful support and contributing to the success of Dartmouth first-generation students.  In this mentoring program, first-generation Dartmouth students apply to be matched with a volunteer Centennial Circle mentor and like any relationship, they work together to build a positive, meaningful mentoring connection throughout one's junior and senior years at Dartmouth College and possibly beyond.  

A key expectation is that both the Centennial Circle mentor and mentee will meet either by Zoom or in person regularly (at least 2-3 times per term) to check in.  The objective is to build a robust multi-generational support system that profoundly benefits our first-generation mentees.

Centennial Circle Mentors are exceptionally varied in their range of careers, where they live, and what they studied and participated in while at Dartmouth.  Today mentors have chosen to volunteer and connect one-on-one with interested first-generation rising juniors, until graduation and then as long after as the relationship seems to be a productive one.