First-Year Summer Enrichment Program

The First-Year Summer Enrichment Program (FYSEP) empowers first-generation students to thrive academically and in the greater college community.

Program Details

FYSEP provides a rigorous, dynamic and transformative experience that puts participants in a position to thrive at Dartmouth both academically and socially. The program offers sample classes with Dartmouth faculty, workshops, activities, and seminars designed to simulate life at Dartmouth and to prepare participants to handle some of the challenges they may face during the course of their first year.

Through a four week pre-orientation program and ongoing support throughout their first year, FYSEP students gain a broad array of understandings and skills designed to help them make the most of their experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. ​As an example, all students participate in one-to-one mentoring meetings from upper-level students.

Students learn: 

  • To thrive in college-level classes.
  • To use campus resources to support them in their non-academic lives.
  • To make the most of the unique network of support that the FYSEP students and undergraduate mentors provide.
  • To better understand their own inner-strengths, affinities, and areas for growth.

FYSEP was launched in the fall of 2009 as a student-led year-long mentorship program that connected first-year students with trained upper-level mentors and campus resources.

First Generation Low-Income students of a certain financial need are invited to participate. We encourage students who were not invited to the program to utilize the Undergraduate Deans' Office, the Office of Pluralism and Leadership, the Academic Skills Center, and Dartmouth's many peer mentoring programs for help addressing transitional concerns.

Who We Are

FYSEP, at its core, is all about people. We are a group of intelligent, caring, and hard-working people. We are students, mentors and mentees, friends and peers, staff, faculty, and even alumni, who come together to enrich each other's Dartmouth experience.

We all work to ease first-year students' transition to Dartmouth academically and personally, and we enjoy many social events together. These allow students to unwind and see each other in a positive, supportive atmosphere.

At the end of the day, we support each other as friends and as an extended family. 

Specific Roles: 

  • First-Year FYSEP Students: 89 in the Class of 2026
  • Upperclass FYSEP Students: Over 300
  • Upperclass Mentors: 40 per year with a 2:1 first year-mentor student ratio
  • FYSEP Steering Committee: 14 faculty, staff and administrators
  • FYSEP Teaching Faculty: 10 faculty from 8 academic departments
  • FYSEP Workshop Facilitators: Over 50 staff and faculty