About the Program

Promoting Academic Excellence

Named after Ernest Everett Just, a Dartmouth Valedictorian (1907) & pioneering cell biologist, the E.E. Just Program promotes academic excellence and intellectual engagement of students traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields by providing mentorship, research opportunities and strategies for success in an inclusive and supportive intellectual community comprised of faculty, postdocs, graduate students and undergraduates.

The E.E. Just Program consists of three interconnected and overlapping components: mentorship, intellectual & professional development and community building.


Faculty Advisors

Upon acceptance into the program, an E.E. Just Scholar is assigned an E.E. Just Faculty Advisor who will serve as a formal mentor until the Scholar declares a major, typically sometime during their second year. This mentorship program complements the College’s Pre-Major Advising System.

Peer Mentoring

Senior E.E. Just Scholars & Graduate Fellows will provide informal peer mentoring to incoming Scholars.

Intellectual & Professional Development

E.E. Just Science Forums

The Science Forum features talks by Dartmouth Faculty and visiting scientists over dinner. 

Jam Sessions

Once per week E.E. Just Scholars meet with the Graduate Fellows to discuss ideas encountered in their coursework, research and internships. 

Research Internships & Fellowships

E.E. Just Scholars have access to funds to support part-time or full-time research internships with faculty at Dartmouth and other institutions.

E.E. Just Symposium

Every two years a group of highly acclaimed scientists from academia and industry is invited to Dartmouth to speak at the E.E. Just Symposium. 

Community Building

Adventures in STEM

Dartmouth Adventures in STEM (DAS) is an exciting weeklong pre-orientation program that introduces incoming E.E. Just Scholars to the world of STEM. 

E.E. Just Space

The physical home of the E.E. Just Program is the E.E. Just Space, which is located in 113 Wilder Hall. In addition to being a venue for much of our formal programming, the E.E. Just Space also serves as a place for Scholars to study and engage in informal late-night discussions of ideas.

Commitment & Responsibility

Building and maintaining our community requires commitment from everyone. Towards this end, it is expected that all E.E. Just Scholars will commit to being an active participant in our programming. In particular, each Scholar is required to attend three Jam Sessions per term and will give at least one mini-presentation per year during a Jam Session.