About RWIT

RWIT's Mission

RWIT is a free service dedicated to helping members of the Dartmouth community develop more effective strategies for generating and organizing their ideas, finding and evaluating research sources, and presenting and revising compositions in a variety of media. 

Through informal dialogue, RWIT tutors assist writers in developing better compositions and more effective composing strategies. A collaboration between the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, the Library, and Academic Computing, RWIT brings together faculty, administrators, staff, and students to focus on the art and science of composition.

Our Services

Through peer-to-peer tutoring, the Writing Assistance Program, and the Education & Outreach Team, RWIT offers help in the following areas across all disciplines:

  • Constructing and organizing arguments
  • Developing research strategies
  • Generating ideas and claims
  • Improving sentence structure, grammar, style, and clarity
  • Outlining or restructuring drafts
  • Composing multimedia projects
  • Planning and scaffolding complex projects

Our Name: RWIT

RWIT's name stands for Research, Writing, and Information Technology. Dartmouth students have served as peer writing tutors since the 1960s, far before our current name was conceived. By adopting RWIT as a replacement for "The Composition Center" - our previous name, we emphasize the relationship between the multiple literacies we seek to support. Research and writing are always connected, particularly in academic settings, and our services support student growth in both domains. Information Technology evokes the growing importance of multimodal literacies - communciating via multiple or mixed media, like video, audio, or media-enriched writing. Like many other college writing centers, we support students working on multimodal compositions as well as projects that are solely text-based.

Our Pedagogy and Values

RWIT tutors help all students with the composing process, regardless of proficiency, academic concentration, or year of study. Through dialogue, tutors offer students constructive feedback on their papers and help them develop more effective composing strategies.

We believe successful tutors are skilled writers who demonstrate a sincere interest in talking with peers about their writing. Tutors possess the interpersonal skills to assist students with diverse backgrounds and writing proficiencies; know the rules of grammar and understand the conventions of academic writing; and can discuss composition in different media, including academic papers, research projects, multimedia compositions, and creative writing.

RWIT Student Staff

RWIT tutors are skilled writers hailing from all academic disciplines. Tutors prepare for tutoring by attending a rigorous training program and pursue ongoing training throughout their RWIT careers. Tutors take pride in their professionalism, approachability, and knowledge. You can learn more about our tutors on our staff page.