RWIT Staff

RWIT tutors are accomplished writers hailing from across the disciplines. Tutors prepare for tutoring by completing an initial, month-long training program and pursue ongoing learning opportunities throughout their RWIT careers. Tutors take pride in their professionalism, approachability, and knowledge. You can schedule an appointment with a particular tutor using by booking an appointment in advance

Consultants for Graduate Students

Betsy Tremel, PhD (Multilingual Specialist)

Faculty Lecturer - Institute for Writing and Rhetoric 

Betsy earned her M.A. in TESOL/Applied Linguistics at Iowa State University and her Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition at UW-Madison, and she has taught academic writing to international graduate students for the past 12 years. She is excited to have the opportunity to work with international graduate students at Dartmouth, and is available to work one-on-one with students on any type of text, whether written or oral.

International or multilingual students can set up an appointment by emailling Betsy directly at [email protected] Describe the nature of your project, the kind of support you need, and your availability for a meeting.

Kelli Hvorecny, PhD

Research Associate, Madden Laboratory – PhD, EARS

Kelli hails from Pennsylvania, south of "the town Billy Joel sang about," but not north enough to escape the grips of the Philly accent. She bleeds green, having attended Dartmouth for undergrad and returning, after a stint in the Big Apple, for graduate school. As a PhD student, Kelli is exploring the strategies employed by the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa to infect patients with underlying conditions. When not at her "home address," Vail 408 in the Biochemistry department, she may be found in the pottery studio or lost in the wilderness. She enjoys reading science, fiction, and science fiction.

Khang Vu

Graduate Student, MALS (Globalization Studies Track)

Khang comes from Hanoi, Vietnam. He earned his B.A. in history and political studies with distinction from Colby-Sawyer College in 2017. His research at Dartmouth focuses on the Korean peninsula and U.S. East Asia policy. He has published in several foreign policy magazines and is currently an Assistant Editor for the MALS Journal Clamantis. His lifetime goal is to travel to both North and South Korea through the Demilitarized Zone. Khang enjoys reading books and discussing East Asian political events. He is also a loyal fan of K-pop and Korean movies.

Raiany Romanni

Graduate Student, Comparative Literature

[bio forthcoming] 

Tutors for Undergraduate Students

Corey Schiff, '18

Academic Interests:  History and Neuroscience

Corey comes from New York City, but much prefers the mountains of New Hampshire. Outside of RWIT he loves to play sports, and is a member of the club basketball, soccer, and lacrosse teams. He loves to discuss your papers, but would be just as happy to talk about the last book you read for pleasure.

Carolyn Zhou, '19

Academic Interests: Economics, Philosophy

Carolyn calls Acton, Massachusetts, her home. Acton is significantly less famous than Concord but is no less historical (the first American officer to die in the Revolution was from there). Studying Economics and Philosophy, she hopes to say something profound about the world one day. You can find her everywhere on campus, since she likes rotating her study spots (although One Wheelock or a hammock outside Novack probably rank near the top). Outside of classes, she enjoys creating playlists for her friends, writing and editing for The Dartmouth, and having two hour long conversations over food.

David Wong, '19

Academic Interests: Government

David has lived his entire life in a suburb outside Philadelphia, and will endlessly praise Marathon Grill and Honeygrow. In addition to working for RWIT, he also is Co-President of Colleges against Cancer, and a Managing Editor for the Dartmouth Law Journal. He enjoys running, playing soccer, reading about politics, and showing people pictures of his dog.

Audrey Bransfield, '19

Academic Interests: English, Classics

Audrey Bransfield is from Massachusetts, and lives in the town to which the Fig Newton owes its name. She considers Dartmouth a second home, even though Hanover doesn't (to her knowledge) have a cookie named after it. Audrey is an English major with minors in Classics and Spanish. In her spare time, she enjoys trivia, drinking tea, listening to the Beach Boys and power-napping. She acknowledges that people dislike her lack of Oxford commas, but refuses to change her ways.

Brian Chekal, '19

Academic Interests: Mathematics, Art History

Brian comes from Southern California and is studying Mathematics with an Art History minor. On campus, Brian is involved with the Dartmouth Investment and Philanthropy Program, the Finance and Strategy staff of The Dartmouth newspaper, as well as the Korean Students Association. He is a brother of Chi Gamma Epsilon and enjoys discussions, especially about politics, Steinbeck novels, Baroque and Romantic paintings, and Game of Thrones. Brian also enjoys playing the piano in his free time (Grieg and Chopin are his favorite composers).

Riley Carbone, '18

Academic Interests: History, Education, and Arabic

Riley grew up in Underhill, Vermont, right at the base of Mt. Mansfield.  She loves running, listening to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and drinking coffee that's mostly milk.  She dislikes raincoats, mud season, and fake maple syrup.  And she wishes personal bios were easier to write.

Claire Gasque, '19

Academic Interests: Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Music Composition

Claire is originally from Bethesda, Maryland, so, while she’s no stranger to snow, the trauma of her first Dartmouth winter compelled her to spend her second as far away from Dartmouth as possible – in sunny South Africa on the Astronomy FSP. Now that she’s back, you’ll often find her playing her cello outside the HOP with other members of her musical improvisation group or desperately trying to finish a physics problem set in Kresge. In addition to working for RWIT, she also works at the Montshire Museum of Science, where she gets to share her love of science while playing with kids (a win-win, if you ask her).

Katie Radulovacki, '19

Academic Interests: Neuroscience and Government

Katie was born in New Haven (grim) and, although she spent most of her life in Georgia, is still a northerner at heart. She plans to major in neuroscience but is not pre-med, which boggles people’s minds on a regular basis. She is taking a gap year for the 2017-2018 school year to gain perspective on what she wants to do after college. Katie’s hobbies include singing constantly, dancing poorly, and baking (not cooking).

Stephen Banks, '18

Academic Interests: English, Philosophy, Classical Studies

Stephen was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and has garnered a love for music and live performances because of it. On campus, he plays guitar with a music group called The Preserves, and usually spends his free time writing music. He is majoring in English and Philosophy, although he intends to pursue a teaching career in English. He also enjoys creative writing, video games, and movies.

Zachary Benjamin, '19

Academic Interests: English

Zachary was born and raised in Lodi, California. Despite growing up in an area where snow is an unknown phenomenon, he has adjusted surprisingly well to Hanover winters. Outside of RWIT, he works as a managing editor for The Dartmouth and is a member of the parliamentary debate team. When not tutoring clients, he can be found editing news articles on the second floor of Robo, waiting in line at KAF or the Hop, or holed up reading in the Sanborn alcoves.

Zach Quayle, '19

Academic Interests: English and Classics

Originally from the Philadelphia area, Zach loves everything about Dartmouth except for its distance from his favorite cheesesteak spots. His favorite hobbies are playing on the Dartmouth Men’s Squash Team and explaining to anyone not from the northeast United States that squash isn’t just a vegetable. A writer for The Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern, he aspires to take inspiration from his favorite Dartmouth alumnus and write the Green Eggs and Ham of his generation.

Amanda Durfee, '19

Academic Interests: History, Linguistics, Russian, and Studio Art

Amanda was born and raised in small-town, central Wisconsin and has absolutely no logical reason to be obsessed with all things Russian, but nonetheless she is and has been since age five. Her hobbies include sketching various sites (and people) around campus, reading way more than is healthy, and annoying her friends with pictures of her cat, Sola. She can also be found working as a teaching assistant at the Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio in the basement of the Hop, so stop by and learn how to make cool metal stuff.

Clara Chin, '19

Academic Interests: English and History

Clara was born in Maine and raised in LA. She founded an independent mixed-media magazine called Jar, in addition to writing for The Dartmouth and blogging. She enjoys writing in coffee shops while sipping on Americanos and listening to Nina Simone. She is a loyal reader of Haruki Murakami and Kazuo Ishiguro. Her favorite publications include Highsnobiety, Lucky Peach, and Pitchfork. She loves the cinema, especially anything by Ingmar Bergman or Stanley Kubrick. Her favorite boba chain is Kung Fu Tea and she greatly yearns for them to start a location in Hanover.

Amanda Sload, '19

Academic Interests: Economics, Quantitative Social Sciences

Amanda is from Connecticut, although she lived in Denmark twice growing up. At Dartmouth, she plays the baritone saxophone in the Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble and is a captain of the Women’s Club Hockey team. She volunteered in Peru on her off term and will be studying abroad in England. A few of her favorite things include raspberry sorbet, the New York Rangers, and her dog, Layla. 

Audrey Bransfield, '19

Academic Interests: (forthcoming)

Bio: (forthcoming)

Maddy Kroot, '19

Academic Interests: Geography and Linguistics

Maddy hails from the backwoods of Connecticut, where backwoodsmen drive Subarus and a hike is a walk on a flat surface between some trees. Perhaps to compensate, she goes hiking with Cabin and Trail every weekend, spent her freshman summer maintaining trails on Moosilauke, backpacked in Peru over winterim, and competitively makes wood smaller with the Woodsmen’s Team. When circumstances force Maddy inside, she is generally found reading cheap paperback fantasy novels or watching Chopped on Netflix. Other hobbies include drinking coffee, analyzing her friends’ speech patterns, and trying to decide how she feels about dams.

Sarah Kovan, '19

Academic Interests: Psychology, Film & Media Studies

A proud Midwesterner, Sarah is from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She will proudly tell you that she initially applied to Dartmouth because she knew that Mindy Kaling and Shonda Rhimes both went there. However, after arriving in Hanover, she soon gained an appreciation for the school’s top-notch academics, community feel, and unique traditions. In her free time, Sarah likes to go on walks around campus, see movies at the Hop and spend time with her friends.

Sonia Qin, '19

Academic Interests: Economics, Government, French, Languages in general

Sonia is an international student from the faraway land of Canada! She was born in Beijing, China but moved to Ottawa, Canada at a young age. She is an only child but considers her cat, Bamboo, to be her younger sister. Sonia played competitive table tennis in the past and is now part of Dartmouth’s Club Table Tennis team. On campus she writes news for The Dartmouth. She also enjoys golf, piano, reading, writing, learning new languages, and talking to people. Sonia is a loyal fan of Foco and is still trying to find the best study spot on campus.

Nathan Greenstein, '19

Academic Interests: Cognitive Science & Urban Studies

Nathan grew up in Seattle, where he fell in love with coffee, water, and the city itself. He has always spent much of his time thinking and reading about cities, and is now minoring in Urban Studies to feed his obsession. He is also fascinated by human thought and experience, interests he plans to indulge with a major in Cognitive Science. On campus, he is a writing tutor at RWIT, a photographer for Humans of Dartmouth, and a research assistant in the Geography department. In his spare time, Nathan can be found reading, biking, or people-watching.

Dorothy Qu, '19

Academic Interests: International Relations, Political Theory, Environmental Law

Dorothy grew up in New Zealand and now resides in the equally lush suburbs of New Jersey. She named herself after a children’s version of The Wizard of Oz when she was four years old, and her real name is Yingtao. A majority of her time is spent conducting a cappella rehearsals, painting, writing for The D, and watching How I Met Your Mother. Her read receipts are on. Stephen Colbert quoted her tweet on The Late Show.

Jessica Lu, '18

Jess is from Concord, Massachusetts but has since made the cross-Greater Boston Area move to Walpole. In her free time, you can find her rewatching Parks and Rec, eating large quantities of Collis sushi, and busting a move in Zumba class. At Dartmouth, Jess is a double major in Government and Geography, edits and writes for The Dartmouth opinion section, aca-bops with the Sing Dynasty, and vice-rules the Greek Leadership Council with an iron fist.

Rachael Jones, '18

Academic Interests: History and Government

Rachael was born in Dallas, Texas and now lives in Virginia. In her free time, she likes to jog slowly and read the newspaper. Despite being a very bad cook, she loves to bake with her sister. At Dartmouth, she spends her time as a research assistant for a history professor, volunteering at the Haven and reading in Sanborn Library.

Abbey Cahill, '18

Academic Interests: English Literature and Creative Writing

Abbey grew up in Stockton, NJ, which is one hour from New York, one hour from Philadelphia, and one hour from the beach. In 2004, Abbey won a copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for wearing the best Doby costume in a Harry Potter parade. Abbey likes sci-fi movies, 1000 piece puzzles, puppies, and Worthy Burger. She also enjoys listening in on other people’s conversations at restaurants and writing with juicy felt tip pens. She dislikes the sound of Styrofoam takeout containers. At Dartmouth, she studies English and Studio Art.

Emily Smid, '18

Academic Interests: (forthcoming)

Emily was born in Springfield, Missouri, a quaint town nestled in the shiny buckle of the Bible Belt. Luckily, she was able to escape to Dartmouth, where, in addition to basking in the diversity of both the student body and its thoughts, she plans to major in History and Government. In Hanover, Emily enjoys busting moves on SHEBA, exploring the great outdoors, getting crafty with her Foco meals, and writing feminist sketch comedy with her friends.

Guillermo Chacon, '18

Academic Interests: Economics, Government, and Rhetoric

* Available to tutor in Spanish

Guillermo was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Hanover only two years ago right after finishing high school. He is deeply interested in Latin American politics and economics, as he has been involved in both since high school. At Dartmouth, Guillermo likes to play soccer and golf, spend time with his friends, and ski through New Hampshire and Vermont slopes during winter. After college, Guillermo plans to travel the globe and hopefully return back to Venezuela to work in politics.

Jacob Cutler, '18

Academic Interests: (forthcoming)

Despite hailing from Bethesda, Maryland, Jacob quickly became an avid New England Patriots fan and is excited to be surrounded by other fans for the first time in his life. A proud member of the Club field hockey team, he also loves to sing and play piano, walk in the snow, and relax with friends while at Dartmouth. He is majoring in History and Middle Eastern Studies, and is particularly interested in Islamic studies.

Michael Cobb, '18

Academic Interests: Physics, Computer Science

Michael Cobb was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He enjoys many outdoor activities like hiking and biking, sometimes with the DOC. Inexplicably, though, he did not know how to ski until he took lessons during his freshman year at Dartmouth. On campus, Michael works as a UGA and enjoys studying anything science. In his down time, he can be observed playing a quick game of pick-up basketball, listening to obscure progressive rock, reading Stephen King, and honing his Ping-Pong skills.

Ethan Isaacson, '18

Academic Interests: Physics, Chemistry

Ethan is a member of the class of 2018 majoring in physics with a chemistry minor. He grew up in the town of Lexington, Massachusetts—home to the battle that started the Revolutionary War, and, more recently, regiments of reenactors marching around in colonial outfits. Ethan is a distance runner and plays soccer. He enjoys spending time outdoors. He also enjoys his dog, and can quote the television series The Office ad nauseam. 

Lola Adewuya, ‘20

Academic Interests: Cognitive Science, African/African-American Studies

Lola is a Houston native who’s always had an affinity for the East Coast. She loves doing anything that calls on her creative talents such as writing and photography. Outside of RWIT, you can find Lola at AAm meetings, working on her blog, or taking an ill-timed nap. 

Isabelle Blank, ‘19

Academic Interests: English , Art History

Isabelle calls Raleigh, North Carolina her home. Though she is a southern belle by name and origin, she is a winter-sport loving northerner at heart. Isabelle is an English major and an Art History minor. Aside from RWIT, Isabelle serves as editor-in-chief of Humbug, a Dartmouth creative writing magazine. On campus, you can find her skating in Thompson Arena for Dartmouth’s figure skating team, or eating goldfish in Sherman library. In her free time, Isabelle enjoys skiing and biking in New Hampshire and Vermont, showing people pictures of her dogs, and petting other people’s dogs she finds around campus.

Lauren Budd, ‘18

Academic Interests: English, Government

Lauren hails from the barren, frozen wasteland of Northern Maine and spent her off-terms working in television in the barren, arid wasteland of Los Angeles. She spends her time on campus editing the Mirror and DGAF, serving as chair of SPCSA and a core member of KDE. When she isn’t busy with one of the many acronyms in her life, she enjoys comedy, running, and hanging out by the river.

Janice Chen, ’19

Academic Interests: Geography, English

Janice tells most people she’s from Hong Kong, but has really found home in all the places she has moved to. On campus, she can be found people-watching on Robo steps, impulsively building things in the woodshop, or zipping down to the river for a quick afternoon paddle. The rest of her free time is spent ruminating on her potent distaste for everything bagels.

Albert Chen, ‘20

Academic Interests: Economics, History, Religion

Hailing from New Jersey, Albert lives off Exit 135, and still hates pumping his own gas. He plans to study Economics, but is also fascinated by architecture, the Supreme Court, and American history. In his free time, Albert likes to debate, explore the outdoors, and watch way too many cooking videos. He firmly believes in two things: the importance of a well-rounded breakfast and the virtue of a good book and a strong cup of coffee. 

Yenny Dieguez, ‘20

Academic Interests: forthcoming

Bio: forthcoming

Long Hoang Do, ‘20

Academic Interests: Math 

Long comes from Hanoi, Vietnam. At Dartmouth, this person sings when he’s alone in his room and makes lame jokes when he talks to people. 

Arunav Jain, ‘20

Academic Interests: English, Development Economics, Studio Art, Journalism

Arunav is an international student from India, where he switches his time between the capital New Delhi and the old royal city of Jaipur. He hopes to complete a double major in English and Economics, two fields he enjoys talking at great length about. More interestingly, he loves to paint, create quick sketches with ink, and waste money buying physical music CDs to keep for posterity. He has also watched the movie Black Swan 7 times.

Taylor Lane, ‘20

Academic Interests: Government, Public Policy

Taylor comes from Northern Virginia, just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our nation’s capital. She plans on being a Government major and a Public Policy minor. On campus, you can find her either in Rocky or Dickey studying international security conflicts or in the Hop singing with the Sings. In her free time she loves running, watching Game of Thrones or Disney films (quite a combo), or petting puppers. If you have questions about papers short or long, feel free to come chat with her!

Linda Liu, ‘20

Academic Interests: History, Economics, English

Linda is from Kansas and would prefer it if you would not make any Wizard of Oz jokes in her presence. She plans on majoring in economics and history with a focus on Asia and the Middle East. Besides being a part of RWIT, she is an associate editor for the law journal, a member of the club swim team, and a supporter of the book arts workshop. Linda loves reading, video games (especially the Kirby franchise), and arguing about health insurance premiums with anyone who's willing to challenge her. You can probably find her at the Kresge Physical Sciences Library or in Sanborn.

Victoria Meyer, ‘20

Academic Interests: Economics, Chemistry, Public Policy

Victoria Meyer was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, but hopes to call the East Coast her home one day. At Dartmouth, Victoria is studying Economics with a minor in Chemistry. However, she also loves politics and writing. Aside from tutoring for RWIT, Victoria is a social chair for the Parliamentary Debate Team and an active member of the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy. In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking in the surrounding area, and binge-watching Netflix. Feel free to ask her about anything— from her favorite study spots to her coffee addiction.

Annie Phifer, ‘20

Academic Interests: English, Creative Writing, Government

Annie was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, so you can spot her wearing her winter coat weeks before anyone else. While her first Hanover winter was a little rough, she loves experiencing the beautiful New Hampshire seasons and scenery. Annie plans to pursue a major in English with a possible concentration in creative writing and a minor in government. When she’s not tutoring at RWIT, Annie works at the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine and loves to ski, run, and write in her free time. She can talk endlessly about her dogs, her love for all things fall, and the Oxford comma.

Tanish Raghavan, ‘20

Academic Interests: Mathematics, History, Computer Science

Tanish was born in Mumbai, but has lived in both Dubai and Singapore for much of his life and is excited to call Dartmouth his new home. At Dartmouth, Tanish studies Mathematics with a minor in History and Computer Science. Aside from tutoring at RWIT, Tanish plays an active role in the Dartmouth Model United Nations Team and the Dickey Center for International Understanding. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, hiking, scuba-diving, and wondering how to best tackle the cold. 

Hailey Scherer, ‘20

Academic Interests: Neuroscience, philosophy, English, cognitive science

Hailey is a ‘20 who hails from Northern Virginia (NOVA for you DC locals) and loves roller coasters, fall foliage, and good conversation. On campus, you can find her excitedly discussing the genius of Ursula K. Le Guin or the importance of the pathways between the limbic system and the frontal lobe, enjoying the fresh New England air, and hanging out at AQ or Apologia meetings. She is most interested in the human mind and its decision-making processes, and, relatedly, thinks any decisions to come visit RWIT are great ones.

Kylee Sibilia, ‘20

Academic Interests: English, Creative Writing, Film and Media Studies

Kylee is from Denver, Colorado and loves snowball fights, eating fancy desserts, and screaming the lyrics to old Disney Channel songs. She plans to major in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and is also considering a minor in Film and Media Studies. On campus, she writes for the Arts section of  The Dartmouth, teaches PE classes as a ski instructor, and interviews students for Humans of Dartmouth. In her free time she likes to read novels, hike up tall mountains, ski some sweet pow, and eat as many chocolate croissants from KAF as possible.

Natalie Vaughan, ‘20

Academic Interests: English, history

Natalie hails from Cape Elizabeth, Maine. She went to a tiny public high school and spent several years planning on going to school in a big city, only to eventually wind up in Hanover. She plans to pursue a major in English and a minor in history. Outside of RWIT, she is active in Cabin & Trail within the DOC, serves as a SAPA, and writes for the Stonefence Review. You can find her comatose on the couches in the Cube.