Undergraduate Sessions

At the Writing Center, you can meet one-on-one with an undergraduate tutor to discuss a paper, research project, or multimedia assignment. Tutors use facilitative approaches to engage you in active dialogue about your projects and process. Whether you are generating ideas, drafting or outlining, or completing final edits, our tutors can support your work, assist as you improve your projects, and help you grow as a writer.

Online and In-Person Sessions

The Writing Center offers sessions either in person (in Berry 183) or remotely, via Zoom. To book either kind of session, visit our online scheduling tool (instructions below) and reserve a session. You can select the delivery method of your appointment (online or in-person). Your confirmation email will provide further instructions about joining the session.

Note that College policy may require tutors to isolate; this means that sessions you reserve as in-person sessions could be changed to remote session on short notice. If an appointment you have booked must be changed to a remote format, we will send an email informing you of the situation. If you need to change your reserved in-person session to a remote session, you can use the online scheduling tool to change the delivery method of your appointment (find further instructions in your confirmation email). 


How to Schedule a Session

Writers may book appointments (and choose whether the session is remote or in person) by using our online scheduling tool

Before booking a first appointment, please review What to Expect at a Session, How to Prepare for a Session, and the policies listed below.

First-time clients, register yourself in the Writing Center system:

  • Visit the RWIT Online Database.
  • Select "Log In."
  • Please register an account in our system by: 1) selecting your status as either an Undergraduate, Graduate, Faculty, or Staff member, and 2) entering your major and minor information, if known.
  • You will be sent to the homepage where there are two tabs, "Home" and "Sessions."
  • Follow the instructions below to schedule an appointment.

Schedule an appointment:

  • Log in to the RWIT Online Database.
  • Select the "Sessions" tab near the top of the page.
  • There will be three options on the right-hand side of the interface:
    • "Sessions for next 2 weeks" - displays all sessions for the upcoming 2-week period
    • "Reserve Session by Tutor" - allows you to select a specific tutor and see their available sessions
    • "Reserve Session by Date" - allows you to check availability for a specific time and day
  • Select the desired tab and follow the steps to reserve a Session.
  • Your scheduled appointment will be confirmed via email, and will also be displayed on your "Sessions" page.

Choosing Online or Remote: 

  • If you have chosen a session that is listed as available for either in person or remote format, you can choose the "delivery method" in the survey that displays after confirming your booking. 
  • If you would like to change the delivery method of your session after you have booked, you can do so by visiting the Sessions tab of RWIT Online, and clicking on the "pre-survey" tab for the appropriate session.   

Asynchronous Feedback

Writing Center offers asynchronous feedback* as an alternative to live sessions. This service makes the Writing Center more accessible to all students, removing barriers for students with limited internet access or who live in distant time zones. 

Asynchronous feedback process:

  1. A student submits a request (via the form below), uploading material they want to share with the tutor and information about their needs.
  2. A tutor spends their regularly scheduled tutoring shift reviewing that material and writing feedback.
  3. The student receives an email from the tutor with a link to the written feedback. 

We will accept requests submitted through the form below, where a student can explain their project requirements (like an assignment), upload drafted material, indicate a desired date to receive feedback, and offer guidance to the tutor about the most pressing needs or questions. Tutors will respond to these submissions on a first come, first served basis during academic terms.


The request form: Asynchronous Session Request Form.


*In periods of high demand, we may not be able to fulfill every request by the date requested. 


Cancellation Policy

To cancel an appointment, use the RWIT Online Database.  Please note: You cannot cancel or schedule appointments via Blitz. You must use the database.

If you cannot make a session you've booked, please cancel as soon as you can to free the session for others. If you cancel fewer than two hours before your session is scheduled to begin more than once in a term, you will lose your ability to book an appointment in advance for that term.    

No-Show Policy

If you miss a scheduled session, the system will automatically place your account on "Warned" status. If you miss a second scheduled appointment, the system will ban you from booking appointments the rest of the term. 

Take-Home Exams and Permissions

For any coursework, students are responsible for ensuring that course policy permits the use of a tutoring service or collaboration with others. In the case of take-home exams, Tutors will ask students to show explicit permission from faculty to collaborate, discuss the work with others, or work with a tutor. For take-home exams, if that language isn't present on the syllabus or the exam directions, students should ask their faculty for permission before visiting the center.