Program Features

Dartmouth Debate enjoys a decades-long record of competitive excellence. Prospective students may be interested in the elements that make Dartmouth debate unique.

Consistent Tournament Travel Opportunities

Starting their first year, debaters have the opportunity to travel to national circuit tournaments. From the start, Dartmouth debaters will face high quality competition at all of college debate’s major tournaments. First-year students have attended Georgia St., University of Kentucky, Harvard, Wake Forest, the Coast Swing, and Texas/Northwestern.  The DFU covers all travel costs and provides a meal per diem.

Dedicated Coaching

The Director of Debate’s full-time responsibility is fielding a competitive intercollegiate debate team.  Our assistant coaching emphasizes finding a diverse range of research experience and track record of success. Our presence in Dartmouth Student Life reflects our desire to add to your experiences beyond the classroom.

History of Success

Dartmouth is a six-time NDT Champion and placed a team in the semifinals or better 21 times. Our many First-Round teams reflect a diversity of debate backgrounds, styles, and research interests. Dartmouth has qualified to the National Debate Tournament 63 times, including every year since 1975.

Lively Community Space

The debate office is a space dedicated to students.  Our office is housed in Robinson Hall which is open 24 hours and centrally located adjacent to the Green, Thayer Dining Commons, and the Collis Student Center.  Dartmouth debaters work to make the office a welcoming environment.

D-Plan Flexibility

The end of the college debate season coincides with the beginning of Dartmouth’s Spring quarter. Even those debaters committing large amounts of time have a term free of debate obligations for studying abroad, seeking internships, or finding time for particularly demanding classes.

Alumni Network

DFU alumni are leaders in law, finance, public policy, higher education and many other fields. Join a group of accomplished people dedicated to the continued success of committed debaters.