Leadership & Internship Opportunities

Leadership Training and Networking Opportunities

Freshman and sophomore King Scholars participate in the King Leadership Week in Washington, D.C. or New York City. They meet with leaders in international development, learn about current international poverty alleviation projects, and network for future internships and/or employment.

Internships at International Organizations & Funding for Special Projects

King Scholars spend parts of each undergraduate year in international development internships with foreign ministries, international banking institutions, global NGOs or other organizations that match their specific interests.

Past experiences have included internships with the World Justice ProjectGrassroot Soccer, and Dalberg Global Development Advisors. Additionally, Scholars have the opportunity to develop and implement original projects aimed at addressing extreme poverty in their country of origin.

International Alumni Network

After graduating from Dartmouth, King Scholars are encouraged to return to their home countries to work on poverty alleviation. An international alumni network, supported by Dartmouth, connects all current and past King Scholars with one another in a supportive community.