Fellowships Requiring Endorsement

About Fellowships Requiring Endorsement and Fellowship Deadlines

Many fellowships require that you be endorsed by your college or university before you can apply. At Dartmouth, endorsement decisions are made by the Committee on Graduate Fellowships, which is composed of faculty from across the college. If you are interested in applying for a fellowship that requires endorsement, you must ensure all application materials, including letters of recommendation, have been submitted to the Fellowship Advising Office by the Campus Deadline, a hard deadline which typically falls at least a month before the national fellowship deadline. The description of each fellowship application process on Canvas gives details about deadlines and the materials to be submitted. You should plan to meet with the relevant fellowship advisor well before the Campus Deadline.

Some fellowships (Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, and Fulbright) also have Preliminary Application or Draft deadlines before the Campus Deadline. While the preliminary application or draft deadline is a "soft" deadline, we expect that you commit to the application process around this date and let us know you have done so. The preliminary application deadline allows you the opportunity to receive feedback and work closely with an advisor. You should plan to submit draft materials for review within a week or two of the preliminary or draft deadline.

After the Campus Deadline, the committee members read applications from interested students and alumni, conduct interviews (for some fellowships), and then decide which applicants the College will endorse. If you are endorsed for a fellowship, the fellowship advisors will work with you to prepare final materials for the national deadline for the fellowship.