Winter Term

Starting Your Internship

  • Attend the internship orientation session in January.
  • Set up a regular weekly work schedule (6-10 hours/week) with your research mentor and stick to the schedule (6-10 hours/week).
  • Be on time and notify your mentor when you will be late or absent.
  • Track hours worked and submit biweekly timesheets in the online Kronos system.
  • Get actively involved right away. Learn everyone's name in your lab or internship setting. Ask people what they would prefer to be called.
  • Know who your "point of contact" is when your primary research mentor is unavailable.
  • Find out what your role and your responsibilities will be as part of the research team but keep in mind that these may change over time.
  • Ask for an overview of the "big picture" to understand the context of the research work. Ask for direction to start some tasks.
  • Ask as many questions as you need to. Keep your own notes and explanations in a notebook.
  • Ask your mentor to clearly state his or her expectations for you. Tell your mentor about your goals and expectations.
  • Ask for feedback:"How am I doing?"

Throughout the Internship

During your internship, be sure to maintain a positive attitude and stay fully committed.

  • Maintain consistent communication with your research mentor(s).
  • Monitor communications from WISP: attend mandatory meetings and adhere to deadlines.
  • Notify WISP promptly if issues arise with your internship.