Your Role & Responsibilities

After Matching (Fall Term)

Complete the online acknowledgment form.

  • This includes information about trainings your intern may need to complete (e.g. EHS, CPHS, RCR).

Contact your intern before the end of fall term to initiate the relationship.

  • Be sure she understands how and when to complete any required trainings.
  • Schedule a meeting with her for the first week of winter term classes.
  • Note that some sophomores may not be available to start in winter term because of their D-plans.

Starting the Internship (Winter Term)

Establish a schedule. Make it clear whether certain blocks of time are required or whether there is more flexibility in scheduling.

Review lab safety procedures. Ensure that any required training has been completed.

Clarify to whom she should be reporting and/or directing questions. If she will be directly supervised by someone else in the lab, be sure that responsibilities and reporting structure are clear.

Interns are expected to work 6-10 hours/week and track hours through the Kronos Electronic Timecard system. Faculty mentors are asked to review the student's biweekly Kronos Time Detail Report and follow up with the student and the Arts & Sciences Finance Center if there are any discrepancies or issues.

If you are planning an absence, you may designate an alternate approver (assistant mentor, co-mentor, grant administrator, etc.).