Week of Wellbeing

The entire Dartmouth community is invited to "Spring into Action" to support your wellbeing through a variety of in-person and virtual experiences, education, and resources. The "Unwind Your Mind" event, focused on mental wellbeing, is a culminating event to this year's Week of Wellbeing!

Week of Wellbeing

Spring Into Action

What do you most want in your life and how can you choose to take both small and large steps toward the future you desire? It's about deciding WHO you want to be and HOW you want to be, while making conscious choices that propel you in the direction you want to move. It's about tapping into the belief that you are strong enough, capable enough, and wise enough to forge your commitment to creating the life you want to live. 

2022 Week of Wellbeing Calendar of Events - Students


To view the Calendar of Events for Faculty and Staff, click here.


Well-being week will end with an in-person "Unwind Your Mind" event on Mass Row.

For More

Check out more tips, mindfulness and yoga practices, and other resources to help you intentionally SPRING INTO ACTION.