Wellbeing Tips


The outbreak of the Coronavirus and the spread of COVID-19 is an unprecedented moment in the span of human history. This may be one of the only times in your life when our global community will share a common experience of disruption from our daily patterns as each culture works to address the exact same challenge.
You may be feeling some worry and anxiety right now, and you're not alone.

Navigating this transition will involve feelings of uncertainty and loss for everyone. And, like all transitions in life, this experience also offers opportunities to consider how we want to respond and what capacities we need to do so effectively.

This guide offers ideas and resources for managing stress, anxiety, and transitions brought about by the COID-19 pandemic. As you experiment with what works best for your own wellbeing, remember that you can trust yourself to know what you need to thrive.

COVID-19 Coping: COVID-19 Coping Guide

Cultivate Perspective
Connect Authentically
Engage Mindfully
Act Intentionally
Live Meaningfully
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For Dartmouth-specific remote resources, national organizations, and apps designed to support your wellbeing, visit our Resources & Infomation page.