Work With Us

Wellness Center Student Internships

Undergraduate students with interest in working with our staff on special projects can apply for a paid internship with The Wellness Center. Examples of on-going internships include Stall Street Journal design and distribution, Dartmouth Bystander Initiative support, and Wellness Peer coordination. Send a cover letter and resume to Carissa Dowd for consideration. Limited availability.

Graduate Assistant BASICS Provider

Conduct Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS), an evidence-based approach to reducing harms associated with alcohol use. BASICS allows students to discuss their decision-making around alcohol use in a collaborative setting using a personal feedback packet.


  • Must be enrolled in a Dartmouth College graduate school
  • Must complete the Motivational Interviewing training (provided early summer)
  • Must be available for ongoing supervision

If interested, send a cover letter and resume to Brian Bowden.


Sexual Violence Prevention Project Student Positions

There are many ways students can get involved with the SVPP, some of which, like the Student Advisory Board and SVPP facilitators are paid employment opportunities. Check out the SVPP Student Involvement page to learn more.