Sexual Health Peer Educators


Sexperts serve as campus educational peer educators. We respond to requests for peer education around issues of healthy relationships, reproductive health, healthy sexuality, sexual identity, body image, sexual orientation, sexual decision making, abstinence, sexual pleasure, contraception, STI prevention, consent, and communication. Sexperts also provide advising services for students who wish to speak to a peer on an individual basis. As a group, we strive to be inclusive and address all members of the Dartmouth student population.


The philosophy of the Sexperts' program is based upon the following Shared Beliefs and Values:  

  1. Sexuality is a natural and healthy part of living 
  2. Individuals express their sexuality in varied ways and it is important to respect and accept the diversity of values and beliefs about sexuality 
  3. Individuals and society benefit when people are able to discuss sexuality openly and in a healthy manner 
  4. Healthy sexual relationships are consensual and never coercive or exploitative  
  5. All persons have the right and responsibility to make healthy sexual choices 
  6. Sexperts promote a positive view of sexuality, provide Dartmouth students with information and skills about caring for their sexual health, and help them acquire knowledge to make informed decisions now and in the future

Become a Sexpert


Training includes a weekend training of team-building activities, informative & educational content learning, group discussions, personal reflections, etc. Training will take place in Tom Dent Cabin, food and snacks will be provided. Topics covered during training include but not limited to:

  • healthy relationships
  • reproductive health
  • healthy sexuality
  • sexual identity
  • body image
  • sexual orientation
  • sexual decision making
  • abstinence
  • sexual pleasure
  • contraception
  • STI prevention
  • consent and communication

Time Commitment

After the training, students are required to complete 8 hours of service learning hours throughout the term (A list of available service learning projects will be provided) and attend weekly 1-hour group meetings.


  • Knowledge on medically accurate, pleasure oriented, evidence-based, sex-positive sexuality education and information on healthy relationships, consent and communication for yourself and others!
  • Skills for public speaking, program planning, communications;
  • Great community of people who are passionate and fun!
  • 1 PE credit for all enrolled undergraduate students who are NOT graduating in the Spring upon completion of both weekend training and service learning hours, graduating seniors are welcomed to apply, but unfortunately we cannot offer PE credit for Spring graduates due to PE department requirements;
  • 3 CECs for UGAs.

Interested in becoming a sexpert? Fill out the application to take the Spring 2018 training. Application deadline for Spring training is March 30th. 2018.

Visit the Safer Sex Bar

Sexperts also stock the Safer Sex Bar in the Student Wellness Center.