Senior Inventory

About the Senior Activities and Organizations Inventory

When considering prize recognition and recommendations, undergraduate deans and other College officials rely on information about your experiences at Dartmouth and the impact those experiences had on you and the community.

We really want to know about you and your time at Dartmouth!!

Inventory Submission

The online information you submit will be sent to you in the text of an email, so that you have a copy for your records.

Please take advantage of this awesome opportunity to reflect and organize your thoughts as you prepare for your final months at Dartmouth!

While you are reflecting and processing your Dartmouth experience, be sure to also check out the Skills Portfolio opportunities from the Center for Professional Development.

Your inventory must be as complete as possible before submitting. Since it will not be saved in a format you can access, you cannot return to the inventory for completion at a later date. You can, however, send updates throughout the next few months.

If you have any trouble completing this form, please email us.