About SAMs

The Senior Academic Mentors (SAMs) are a group of students in their senior year who provide academic peer advising on an informative, but informal, level. They also direct students to the various offices that constitute the advising network at Dartmouth.

About Us


Senior Academic Mentors are trained senior class peer advisors coordinated by the Undergraduate Deans Office. The purpose of the SAM program is to provide academic peer advising on an informative but informal level. Collectively, the Senior Academic Mentors’ academic majors and co-curricular experiences represent a broad range of departments and pre-professional programs, clubs, organizations, research, and internships. They are prepared to offer a peer perspective, make referrals, and field questions (but not limited) to: course elections, balancing your course load, D-Plans, distributive requirements, and pre-major advising and declaration.


We Can Help You With

  • major choice
  • time management
  • study strategies
  • enrollment patterns and D-Plan strategies
  • internship and research opportunities
  • funding resources
  • library skills
  • major courses and curriculum requirements
  • off-campus programs