Introducing the New Stamps Scholars

Selected from a highly competitive pool of candidates based on academic engagement, intellectual curiosity, and strong preparation to pursue their academic passions

Congratulations to the new Stamps Scholars

John J. Cho, 2022 
How Asian Americans vote: The effect of partisanship and ideology on descriptive representation
Faculty mentors: Mia Costa and Dean Lacy, Government

Maria N. Goldman, 2022
Close probability: How prediction error influences our attention to others
Faculty mentor: Thalia Wheatley, Psychological & Brain Studies

Erika Hernandez, 2022
Exploring maternal health experiences of Nikkei-Peruvian immigrants in Japan
Faculty mentor: Zaneta Thayer, Anthropology

Maxwell J. Holden, 2022
The development of wireless agricultural sensors

Faculty mentor: William Scheideler, Engineering

Wylie Z. Kasai, 2022
Modernizing museums: The employment of mixed-reality devices in art exhibition
Faculty mentors: Lorie Loeb, Computer Science, and Gerald Auten, Studio Art

Dominique Mobley, 2022
Sharing the ordinary genius of Black Americans through film, TV, and other storytelling media
Faculty mentor: Jennie Chamberlain, Film & Media Studies

Ian D. Stiehl, 2022
The implications of space biology on interplanetary space travel
Faculty mentor: Ryan Hickox, Physics & Astronomy

Victor Y. Wu, 2022
Data sharing and hydropower development in the Mekong River Basin
Faculty mentors: Christopher Sneddon, Environmental Studies, and Coleen Fox, Geography

Jason Zavras, 2022
The impact of economic recessions on population health outcomes under varying healthcare environments
Faculty mentors: Elisabeth Curtis and Jonathan Skinner, Economics

Brandon Zhou, 2022
An optimality theory analysis of English phonology for Cantonese learners

Faculty mentor: Laura McPherson, Linguistics