Introducing the New Stamps Scholars

Selected from a highly competitive pool of candidates based on academic engagement, intellectual curiosity, and strong preparation to pursue their academic passions

Congratulations to the new Stamps Scholars


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Katherine M. Arrington, 2024
The inextricability of art and society: Investigating creativity as a sociological phenomenon
Faculty mentors: George Edmondson, English; and Janice McCabe, Sociology

R. Christian Beck, 2024
VidsForKids: The therapeutic effect of digital storytelling for pediatric cancer patients
Faculty mentors: Jennie Chamberlain, Film & Media Studies; and Emily Walton, Sociology

Jessica M. Chiriboga, 2024
An environmental history of Latinos in twenty-first century California
Faculty mentors: Christopher Sneddon, Geography; and Jorge Ramirez-Lopez, Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies Program

Lindsay R. Harley, 2024
A summer enrichment math in the context of sustainable engineering program
Faculty mentor: Vicki May, Engineering Sciences

Montana R. Murphy, 2024
Modern Yupiaq perspectives on well-being through culture and identity
Faculty mentor: Nathan Duthu, Native American Studies

Manu Onteeru, 2024
Eating disorder pathology and body image dissatisfaction among sexual minority adolescents
Faculty mentors: Sabrina Billings, Anthropology; and Darius Scott, Geography

Eleanor L. Sullivan, 2024
Preventing a genocide: examining American voters' willingness to intervene in crises
Faculty mentors: William Wohlforth and Benjamin Valentino, Government

Ningning Sun, 2024
Oil and gas extraction in Arctic Alaska and Norway: impacts on Indigenous communities
Faculty mentors: Melody Burkins and Ross Virginia, Environmental Studies and Institute of Arctic Studies

Nikolaos Vichos, 2024
Economic shocks and the rise of independence movements in wealthy European regions
Faculty mentor: Jeremy Ferwerda, Government

Jacob T. Zikan, 2023
Understanding how human behaviors influence wildfire systems
Faculty mentor: Matthew Ayres, Biological Sciences