COVID-19: Policy on undergraduate research

COVID-19: 2021-2022

Effective June 1, 2021, the AY20-21 Undergraduate Research Policy is revoked in full. If registered or otherwise approved for campus access, undergraduate students interested in pursuing research projects, whether remote or in-person, are free to arrange such projects directly with faculty sponsors, consistent with our campus-wide transition to Less Limited Access. 

Undergraduate student researchers, like all members of the Dartmouth community, must continue to adhere to campus-wide and building-specific COVID-19 safety protocols, including access, testing, symptom checking, travel and quarantine requirements. Note that these safety protocols are likely to change during the course of the coming year, and it is the responsibility of student researchers to remain up to date regarding their obligations. They must also read and agree to follow the current research ramp-in requirements, including subsequent modifications (archived here). 

In addition to campus- and building-wide requirements, undergraduate student researchers must bear in mind that research laboratories are operating under additional safety protocols that govern in-person research activity. Student researchers should also ensure that their EHS training is up to date, and discuss and adhere to lab protocols as specified by the faculty member. These protocols may make it impossible for a given laboratory to accept undergraduate researchers for in-person work. Students can only perform in-person work with the express permission of the faculty member.