Posters are the standard format for science conferences, but can be used to present research in any academic discipline.


Posters allow a maximal number of researchers to present their work and get feedback. They are most often used to present work in progress or recently completed research.

Role of the poster presenter

  • Provide a “guided tour” through the poster.
  • Answer questions about the research.

Poster Formats

Plotter printing (most posters are now made this way)

  • Design and print a large-scale poster
    • The required dimensions for the Wetterhahn Symposium are: 36” high by 48” wide
  • Software options: PowerPoint (easiest method), Adobe Illustrator, others

Matte board (traditional way of making a poster)

  • Print out segments on a regular printer and cut/paste them onto matte board.
  • You can use any software program (MS Word, PowerPoint, etc.).

 Posters should include

  • Title: project title
  • Authors: your name, faculty advisor’s name, names of collaborators, and department
  • Purpose (or Objectives or Introduction)
  • Methods
  • Results or Findings
  • Discussion
  • Summary/conclusions
  • Acknowledgments: include any sources of funding your received