Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Group Description

FCA's Vision is to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.  Our Mission is to lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.

Our relationships will demonstrate steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ and His Word through Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence.

  • Integrity- We will demonstrate Christ-like wholeness, privately, and publicly. (Proverbs 11:3)
  • Serving- We will model Jesus' example of serving. (John 13:1-17)
  • Teamwork- We will express our unity in Christ in all our relationships. (Philippians 2:1-4)
  • Excellence- We will honor and glorify God in all we do. (Colossians 3:23-24)

To connect to virtual study and support, please contact:  FCA@dartmouth.edu

Additional information can also be found on the FCA website.


We meet every Monday evening 8-9 p.m. at ’53 Commons Room 204 for our weekly "Huddle” meeting.  Each week we have a group study and discussion on relevant topics to the life of a coach and athlete…..and of course there is always FOOD!!   We will also have special events throughout the year that will include motivational speakers, videos, and student testimonies.  This is a great time to come together, to learn more about life and faith in Jesus Christ, and to share with other students in a relaxed and friendly environment.  We welcome anyone to join us and you do not need to be an athlete to participate!  Come as you are – and bring a friend!  For more information contact Peter Crouse – FCA Campus Director at Peter.R.Crouse@Dartmouth.edu