Rollins Chapel Renovations

Details About Rollins Chapel Renovations

When the COVID pandemic hit, the College was forced to close all spaces that posed a risk of COVID transmission.  Rollins Chapel was one of those spaces since it lacks a mechanical ventilation system or windows that open to provide outdoor air into the space.  This has unfortunately meant that individual or group events have not been able to safely take place in Rollins.  The only exception has been to allow one person from the Hindu community to go in daily to perform Puja. 

In addition to addressing the ventilation issue in Rollins, the College will also upgrade the heating system from steam to hot water to be much more energy efficient (and quiet).

This work has been approved and began in June 2022.  Every consideration is being taken to finish this project as soon as possible, but a completion date is unknown at this time. 

During renovations to Rollins, the Hindu Temple has been temporarily moved from Rollins to a beautiful space in Sudikoff Hall (Room 004) which will allow the whole Hindu community access to worship. 

The Tucker Center is also working with Conferences and Events to make sure that locations for major Rollins Chapel events (like Baccalaureate, Class Reunion Memorial services, etc) are found.

Once the work is completed, Rollins Chapel will be a safe and quiet venue for individual and group devotional use as well as other appropriate College events.