Walks Clamantis

About the Program


This student-led series features upperclassmen who organize and lead weekly "walk and talk" reflections around campus. Leaders guide participants on a personalized campus tour as they share stories of meaningful moments from their Dartmouth careers.

Themes from past Walks have included maintaining long-distance relationships, participating in Greek life, finding community, and building friendships. The series highlights sophomores during the summer term and seniors in the spring. Walks Clamantis is poignant, story-driven, often hilarious, and entirely "not your average Dartmouth tour."

Student Reflections

"Walks Clamantis has offered a glimpse into the lives of Dartmouth students that I haven't encountered elsewhere. Participants' descriptions of their struggles to find themselves, to find meaning in life beyond having been accepted to an Ivy League institution or to a fraternity or sorority...have resonated with me on social, personal, emotional, and intellectual levels." - Graduate Student

"I am consistently amazed by the honesty and bravery of students at Walks Clamantis as they share stories of their Dartmouth experience. Each and every one makes me rethink what being at Dartmouth means for me and how this experience is shaped and defined by the people and places here on campus." - Graduate Student