Speed Stories

About the Program

Speed Stories, which began in 2016, is an initiative that invites Dartmouth professors and guests to share with students their life stories and values through the lens of the intersection of their academic and spiritual journeys.  Two professors per term are featured representing a wide range of backgrounds, disciplines, faith/philosophical/ethical perspectives over dinner. 

Speed Stories partners include LLC House, Sustainability Office, Global Village, and Thought Project as well as various academic departments and centers connected to each faculty member.

Faculty Participation

We ask faculty to share a portrait of who they were when they were 17-25 years old, what they cared about, what values shaped their lives, and "what they wanted to be when they grew up!" Then the professor shares a portrait of who they are now and make a comparison. How have they changed, what sustains them in their work, how does the professional connect to the personal and how does their academic experience intersect with their spiritual or philosophical journey.

After the storytelling section of the evening, students are invited to ask questions of the faculty. Past questions have ranged from questions about academic study areas, romantic lives, personal faith, daily routine, predictions for the future, life at Dartmouth, and navigating professional pressures.

Recent Faculty Speed Stories include:


Professor Joshua Bennett

Janice Amaya


Professor Sienna Craig

Professor Faith Beasley

Rev. Prof. Cornell William Brooks, MLK speaker

Professor Analola Santana

Professor Dan Benjamin


Professor Devin Singh

Professor Vera Palmer

Professor Kevin Young, MLK speaker

Professor Israel Reyes

Professor Kathryn Lively


Professor Vievee Frances

Professor Nick Reo

Professor Peter Tse

Professor Bruce Duthu

Rev. Prof. Jacqui Lewis, MLK speaker

Professor Marcello Gleiser

Professor Rebecca Biron


Professor Lisa Baldez

Professor Prasad Jayanti

Professor Melanie Taylor

Professor Tish Lopez

Rev. Joshua Dubois, MLK speaker

Professor Terry Osborne

Professor Gil Raz

Student Reflections

"Speed Stories provides unique insight into the lives and paths of academics here at Dartmouth. Although the professors tend to touch on their area of expertise, it is within the broader context of their life narrative rather than confined between the walls of a lecture hall. As a graduate student, the honest and often non-linear nature of these stories is valuable for me in navigating what it means to be an academic. But perhaps more importantly, Speed Stories give me access to the wisdom of those striving to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life." - Graduate Student