Registering Your Event

As part of the new Student Event Guidelines, student organizations hosting an event are required to register their event in Engage. 

Process for Event Registration

1. Register event in Engage

2. Recognizing department reviews event. 

3. Reserve space in Dartmouth EMS

How to register your event

To submit an event in Engage, follow the steps below (you must be an Officer/Admin of your organization in Engage to do this).

  • Log into
  • Select your organization from memberships
  • On your organization's page, select 'Manage Organization'
  • Select EVENTS from the "hamburger" menu on the left (under the Dartmouth logo).
  • Click the blue '+ CREATE EVENT' button --- this will take you to the event submission form.

You can view more details about the Engage submission form here.


Tracking Attendance

Please note as a part of the event submission process, you will be required to indicate your plan for tracking attendance at your event.  The available options are detailed below.

Option 1: Invites and RSVPs

If attendance at your event is to be limited to a specific group of attendees, you might consider using this option, which allows you to do any (or all) of the following:

  • limit number of available RSVP Spots
  • show remaining spots available
  • only allow RSVPs from specific lists of people, or members of your organization.  Alternatively, you could set your event to allow anyone on-campus to RSVP (while still limiting the number of available spots).

See below for information on how to track attendance at your event.


If your event attendance is intended to be more open, you can the Open RSVP system--this allows anyone in Engage to see your event and RSVP---you can still limit the number of available spots.

See below for information on how to track attendance at your event.

OPTION 3: TRACKING Attendance (With or without RSVPs/Invites)

  • In your organization's page 'Manage' mode, click 'EVENTS' from the left-hand hamburger menu.
  • Click  'ADD ATTENDANCE.'
  • If you used RSVPs or Invites, you can mark everyone who attended on this screeen.
  • If your plan includes on-site attendance, you will need to enter the full email address of everyone in attendance (you could also toggle over to Card ID Number to input their 9-digit DA$H number)----if you wanted to plug this information into a .CSV list you could also switch over to 'File Upload' and do it that way.