Orientation Peer Leaders

Program/Position Description

New Student Orientation is seeking sophomores, juniors, and seniors to serve as crucial peer advisors, mentors, and leaders for the class of 2024 as they join the Dartmouth community. This role will require empathy, flexibility, creativity, patience, and the ability to find moments of connection and joy in the midst of an incredibly challenging time. The Class of 2024 will begin at Dartmouth at a moment and in a manner like no class in Dartmouth's history. This will demand a welcome and introduction like no class has received before.

Please consider applying to be an Orientation Peer Leader (OPL). The role of OPLs will combine elements of O-Team, First-Year Trips Leaders and Croos, and other upper-level student mentors plus new needs and responsibilities the moment demands.

Reflect on the ways you felt welcomed and supported when you arrived at Dartmouth. Draw on the values of community that inspire us to take care of each other, especially in challenging times. Join us in creating those feelings of connection in re-imagined ways for incoming students by highlighting what makes Dartmouth unique.

As part of New Student Orientation and welcoming the new class, Orientation Peer Leaders will: 

  • Facilitate small-group, community-based experiences for a dedicated group of incoming students, for a period of approximately 7-10 days (which will include New Student Orientation) and potentially, in a more limited capacity, throughout their first term at Dartmouth.

  • Work both independently as well as collaboratively with other student leaders and staff to lead activities and conversations that will help foster a sense of connection, belonging, and responsibility in the Dartmouth community and the incoming class

  • Create opportunities for relationship-building through both structured and informal activities and conversations during New Student Orientation.

Time commitment:  As with everything at this time, this is a role and opportunity that is evolving. We anticipate this role will require both preparation and training before connecting with incoming students, as well as daily contact and conversations with those students during the period of New Student Orientation.

Compensation: OPLs who complete their commitments during training, New Student Orientation and in a more limited role throughout the fall term will receive a $500 stipend.

No residence requirement: All programming will happen virtually, so Orientation Peer Leaders do not need to be physically present in Hanover. However, internet access will be required; please let us know if you anticipate challenges regarding internet access.

Student standing: Orientation Peer Leaders must be in good academic and conduct standing at the College.

NOTE: OPLs will embody the best of Dartmouth and prioritize the programming intentions put forward by New Student Orientation in support of welcoming incoming students. However, that doesn't mean you have to love everything about Dartmouth. You do not even necessarily need previous leadership experience – the staff and students facilitating this program will do our best to help you thrive in the role. All you need is to be your authentic self and bring a sincere desire to welcome first-year students to Dartmouth and ease their transition in a thoughtful and supportive way. This program will be significantly stronger as students participate from all different corners of campus. Anyone can be an incredible peer leader; we want you to consider applying, because the '24s will value your perspective, care, and love.

Important accessibility notice:

We are committed to making this experience as accessible as possible for each leader. If you have any personal or ability-related concerns (regarding your own physical/mental/emotional health) that would be relevant to you serving in this role, please contact coordinators brian.joyce@dartmouth.edu or coz.teplitz@dartmouth.edu to discuss possible accommodations. This information will not negatively impact review of your application.